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  1. Chrishar

    Parts for L157 for parts 854

    Have parts for a L157 hood fender steering wheel front axle frame will trade the parts you need for started belt guard transmission guard so I can finish it for my kid
  2. Chrishar

    Wheel horse parts

    Would the belt guard thats in the picture work on a 8hp that's on a 854
  3. Chrishar

    401 seal

    were too get a seal or a part number for a 401 input seal for the transmission
  4. Chrishar

    702 clutch paddle

    Need a clutch paddle for a 702 thanks for your help
  5. Chrishar

    Wheel horse identification tag

    Thanks for the help now I can put the tag where it goes
  6. Chrishar

    Wheel horse identification tag

    I bought a wheel horse trailer,blade motor parts and box's of stuff so maybe it goes with the trailer that I fix it up
  7. I don't know if I have the right deal a have a wheel horse identification tag with numbers 67-05dc001-02965 it was with some stuff I got and need too see if it goes on something thanks for the help
  8. Chrishar

    854 transmission guard

    Belt guard for the transmission on a 854 thanks for the help
  9. Chrishar

    Started belt guard

    Sorry family problems do you have the guard still and the pulleys and what about the motor two
  10. Chrishar

    Transmission bearings 854

    Thank you for the help
  11. Chrishar

    Started belt guard and the belt guard

    Sorry had a family deal just wanted too see if you had the guard's still
  12. Chrishar

    Transmission bearings 854

    Looking for bearings for a 854 wheel horse any help would be nice thanks
  13. Chrishar

    Started belt guard and the belt guard

    Is that for both things if so I want them I will be back home next Sunday to pay for them and shipping address is Po box 1428 Johnson city TX 78636 let me know the total amount thanks for your help
  14. Chrishar

    Started belt guard and the belt guard

    Looking for a starter belt guard and belt guard on the right side for a 854 if anybody knows where too get one that would be helpful Love too finish it for my daughter thanks for the help
  15. Chrishar

    Started belt guard

    Started belt guard