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  1. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    these on the c125 are not to bad and the price is right..just need to know if they will work..https://www.ebay.com/itm/Toro-Wheel-Horse-c125-speed-Uni-Drive-transmission-gear-cluster-shaft/223204310677 . I saw the 1533's and plan on getting them from wheel horse parts an more. Thanks guys for all the help
  2. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    Do you have by any chance the cross reference for the bearings so I can get them at Napa? The 2 large ones will have to be got online. But the rest I think will be more cost effective to source locally. Thanks
  3. bellevillerod


    Good looking tractor for sure! Anything can be corrected, don't ask how I know lol. That's one sharp tractor @ 400 not a bad deal at all. Good luck hopefully it will be easy.
  4. bellevillerod

    onan 16 hp twin idles rough

    I have two of the onan's an 16&18. They are very picky to the carb and idle settings. It took me some back and forth with mine to get it right. You have 3 screws that affect the idle too some point. Plus where the throttle stop screw and governor meet you want a small gap between them. You may also want to check the valve settings. Mine both ran much better after I reset those. good luck love those Onans.
  5. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    With the input shaft bearing completely shot the shifter gears are showing some wear. The hi/lo fork is also worn, not sure what I can get by with? Thanks for taking the time to look at this for me. Thank God I took it apart when I did. None of the bearings had worn though and into the shell although it was very close. Here are pics of the 3 that are showing abuse.
  6. bellevillerod

    5060 6 speed trans parts needed

    Looking for a hi-lo shift fork, and some of the related gears. I also need a set of 1 1/8 hubs. Let me know what you have see what we can work out. Thanks Rod
  7. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    Thanks, I keep telling myself I got it for a song so enjoy the ride. Truth be known I kinda like fixing things. I'm sure others here have gone through alot more to get a horse back on the road. I don't have any body or paint to do just mechanical. Once done she will be good for another 60 years.
  8. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    Well it's 3 am and it is split and laid out on the bench. Done for the night, using the other hub for a puller just got me 2 broken hub's. Had to take a metabo and split the one hub and still had a time getting it off. looked like at some point they had spun it and used green loctite to help hold it in place. So if anyone has a set of hubs and needs some extra cash, hit me up! almost all the bearings are shot. So I'm thinking might as well replace them all and be done with it. Thanks for the all the help your gonna provide.....
  9. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    I did get the pin out and everything else but it was fighting me the whole time. Like they painted the hubs and then installed the tires so they were glued together lol. Rims are a bit different than I have ever seen before.
  10. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    Oh my God... Lol I have been out here all day working on the tractor. This baby was rode hard and put up wet. I see why this guy was putting it out. He did greatly mislead me to it's condition. This trans has both rear axels wobble, hub on left side is worn bid so tire sits at an angle. At some point someone tried to remove the hitch pin and mushroomed it over both sides. The hub on the right side is not coming off, even though I heat it up good. What's wrong with just cutting it off and buying two off fleabay? I'm afraid I will damage the internals if I keep pounding on it. Unless you have a easy fix you can share! I just read my post sorry for the grammar and spelling lol, I'm dirty and flustered.
  11. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    I was going to take so pics of the group today and the 854 just looks so tired. Besides that when I went to get her the pics that were provided me missed the big dent in the hood. I really wanted to do an old round nose in Linseed & mineral spirits and show the patena. I think that age & wear look sweet. But the hood was so badly dented I had to fix it. Ya without a pic ........I know lol .....this is just for you..now my socks are wet.
  12. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    Had to stop for the night, I was getting ready to drop the trans to fix that. Sitting there looking at my 854 thinking I could bring this 876 back. I have all the parts I need. The 854 is a true unmolested tractor, has 100% of its parts intact. It does need to be disassembled, media blasted & painted. SWMBO stopped me and made me walk away. I don't know if it was the 400 mile round trip we took in a snowstorm to get it. Or the part where she already laid claim to the 876 (aka 1047) and likes the way it looks and sounds. She directed me to fix the trans and install the snow plow. True I won't be mowing for another 7 months...lol . Those promises of , This one's for you Honey to get her to go along with another tractor. Looks like she is cashing that check.
  13. bellevillerod

    Barn find 1047

    That's the one that I was talking about in the start of this thread that I had said I found that looked like the one I had happened upon. I didn't know what I was looking at and when I saw that one I figured it must be a true horse. So I got it. That there is funny, used the custom to verify itself. Well I just got it pulled into my shop to get at making it whole. I can see a couple of things that need some attention. The drive on the 10hp tec does not line up to power the deck. So I will have to fab a new bearing setup on the deck so I can use it. I am also now looking for the pedal and pulley set up for use as a belt tensioner. I'm going to go read that thread to see what I have, guess I get to meet the guy that built this after all....cool
  14. bellevillerod

    kind of excited

    I also have a couple late 70's sears an ss16 & ss18 great tractors gotta love the sound and torque of a Onan
  15. bellevillerod

    kind of excited

    Sorry to hear about your dad, i also lost mine years ago to cancer. I had parked his C160 auto and tarped it due to it having some issues. couple of years ago I redid it and now it is used a few time a week. It is a fav of the family and something that holds fond memories. Funny how a old tractor can carry so much to so many,