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  1. bellevillerod

    Side Shot Saturday (right before snow removal Sunday)!

    I wish I had taken some shot's today, first time I got to use my old C-160 auto on snow. It was a fluffy snow but we got around 5in and it moved it with no problem. No weights or chains just the AG's front and back. Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW.
  2. bellevillerod

    My name is Rod and I have a problem...

    Mine are in older sears ss tractors so the pipes just run out the side, I'll get some pics tomorrow so you can see what I mean.
  3. bellevillerod

    My name is Rod and I have a problem...

    That I will do, I have two other tractors with Onan engines in them. They are older engines a 74 & 76 and are 16&18 hp. I have had really good luck with them, they do require more attention than others. But the sound and torque on them is really something. My 18 hp Onan pulls my 10 in moldboard plow, I'm running two straight pipes out of it. You can hear me plowing from 1/4 mile away.
  4. Well i got over to look at the 416H and saw that it did have an 48in deck, chrome hubcaps. Checked oil was good, hydro fluid was good, rear tires well I dont think I have ever saw a set so bald..lol. We put the key in it and after some cranking she fired up. Carb will need cleaning as we needed choke to keep it running at first. Top of hood is missing paint but all in all not a bad looking tractor. Has the mounts for a snow blade installed. I pointed out every thing I could find that was bad and then said if he would take 240.00 I would haul it away. Drove it up my ramps..(never again) as it pulled a wheelie half way up and he had to grab the front and yank it back down. But I think I did OK an with very little effort I can flip it this spring.
  5. bellevillerod

    416h is it a keeper?

    I just spoke to him and he didn't even know what model it was I had to look hard at pic to see myself. It's either a 417A or 416H really hard to make out. He claims that he never had any issues other than a ripped seat and the center blade coming loose after a few mow's. I am going to see it in a couple of hours, from what I see in the pic it really looks good sheet metal wise. But will know more when I get my hands on it. I don't need another mower but I think I may be able to flip it to fund something I really want.
  6. bellevillerod

    416h is it a keeper?

    300.00 is what he is asking, was 400 but he just dropped it today.
  7. bellevillerod

    416h is it a keeper?

    Hey guys I ran across a 416h in great shape with a deck. Guy used it to cut grass at his business and no longer has need of it. Been up for sale for a while nobody biting. Are these keepers or stay away for some reason? I know very little on the newer tractors, I was always drawn to the 70's and earlier models. I think it has an Onan in it? So what is a price that I have to buy and is there a reason I should walk? thanks
  8. bellevillerod

    1045 resurrection

    That model is one of my favorites for sure. Can't wait to get one for myself. Will be waiting to see it in all its glory.
  9. bellevillerod

    Snow cab wanted

    I just had talked to a member here a few days ago at his place. While looking at his collection he said he had a snow cab that I thought he said was off a C 160 for sale. I forget off hand what he was asking, but you could message him. His handle here is wheelhorse2007.
  10. bellevillerod

    854 ignition keys

    Thanks guys but I don't know what key I'm looking for as I have never seen one. I've tried every key I have and nothing turns in it. It's the original ignition switch in the tractor so if someone can post a pic of their 854 key I will at least have a starting point.
  11. bellevillerod

    854 ignition keys

    Bought a 854 a while back without the key. I did buy a new replacement switch but wanted to keep it original if I can. Don't know if all the keys on those were the same? But if anyone has an extra they would sell.....I'm all over it. Thanks an let me know.
  12. bellevillerod

    look what followed me home..

    I use citric acid and Mr clean an water. It does a wonderful job of cleaning stuff, turns brass and copper bright and shiny. Haven't had it very long but I've been tossing everything that will fit in it to clean.
  13. bellevillerod

    Wheelhorse D-160

    Great vid, sounds like she is running good. Now for a vid with some attachments running.
  14. bellevillerod

    look what followed me home..

    like the greatest singer (JC) of all time once said...I walk the line..
  15. bellevillerod

    look what followed me home..

    Yes It does, I checked the oil put in some gas hooked up a battery and LIFE. However the carb will have to come off and be cleaned. The float is stuck open and is flooding the engine. It has a brass float in it and I tried to move it up and down to see if it would clear but no joy. I just bought a 3 gallon size ultrasonic cleaner for the wife's jewelry.....lol...so it will go in the tank for 45 min should be good to go after that.