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  1. There are 2 sets (4 pieces) of blade lift kit with bolts and nuts. Label and instructions sheet states these NOS lift wings are for Wheel Horse riding mower models A-85/A-115 and 100 series Part numbers are WH SA 110974 and CO2149
  2. McAlexander

    42 inch deck with new blades

    This 42 inch deck fits 312-8 and probably other similar models. It is in good condition. A set of new blades are included and a set of gator blades as well
  3. McAlexander

    Good 42 inch deck for sale

    Have a 42" side discharge mowing deck with set of new blades. The deal includes one set gator blades as well
  4. McAlexander

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    All the replies are appreciated. I will check with lady for permission to place the trailer on Craig list,
  5. McAlexander

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    It is mighty kind of you, Jim, to offer financial assistance to help this lady. Well, then again, it is what I would expect from Wheel Horse people. I have 3 of the 312-8...all in use. One here at my home, another one at our Blue Ridge Mountain home and a 3rd loaned to my widowed sister-in-law . I will keep your generosity in mind and if I can find the time in the next few weeks will consider your offer. Thank You!
  6. McAlexander

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    While working to help an under privileged lady I discovered this old wheel horse trailer in the weeds. It is somewhat rough as can be seen in the pictures..Would there be a market for this sort of thing? Maybe we can help out the lady with a few dollars.
  7. Newly acquired 312-8 has too much "play" or looseness for steering. The connectors for front wheels appear to be okay. I am guessing the problem may be at the bottom of the steering column. My original 312-8 purchased new in 1988 and has 1800+ hours steering still feels snug. Any thoughts here will be appreciated.
  8. For WHX14 Thanks for the suggestion.....now this newbie knows for the next time. The link you sent, however, did allow ordering information for my need. The end results were great. Sleep well tonight because you took care of my need!
  9. Looking to buy a set of headlight retainer (bezels) for my 312-8. Any direction as a source is appreciated
  10. Thanks to all the responses and good methods of flushing etc. All sound like good methods and some, pretty elaborate procedures. I am not set up for the more elaborate methods. I did raise the 312-8 up, especially the right side front because it appears that was the best way to get the most drainage. After flushing twice I used a very old anti-freeze tester with the large suction bulb. The receiving tube worked perfectly while inserted into the bottom of the transmission gear box. (I wonder how many of these old 1950s era antifreeze testers are still around)
  11. Thanks to all for the good direction concerning flushing gear transmission box and using 80-90 Gear Oil for refill.
  12. An earlier posting indicated using a flushing agent while changing transmission oil for my recently acquired 312-8. Indications are this tractor may have been exposed to the elements somewhere along the way. Dipstick shows cloudy and lots of rust above the fluid level on the dipstick. Comments such as type, brand and even methods are welcomed. This 312-8 will be my 3rd on hand. First one purchased new in 1988. The 2nd one had been used but was in perfect condition with no issues. This one is going to be a challenge to get it up to par.