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  1. Hawk26

    WH 516-H

    Much thanks to all that responded. I'll be sure to keep the RPM's up!
  2. Hawk26

    WH 516-H

    I have a WH 516-H and was wondering if anyone knows if it will pull a "tow-behind core aerator" (for lawns). I'm told the aerator weighs around 215-230 lbs. Property is approximately 3/4 acre so it should not take long to complete... maybe 45 minutes of pulling. Is pulling a heavy(?) piece of equipment too risky for the 516-H to handle? Thanks for any help. Marty
  3. Is the 520 still available?

  4. Do you have a side discharge mower deck for a WH 516-H?

  5. I'm looking for a 42" mower deck for my 516-H. Seeking expertise from WH owners who can tell me what mower decks will fit or how I can determine what mower decks will fit the 516-H model. I believe the 516-H was only manufactured in 1988 and then the 520 followed in 1989. Are there strict requirements when matching a mower deck to the 516-H garden tractor? Can someone elaborate? Not a mechanic so layman language is appreciated. Much thanks.