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  1. Set up at S.CR.A.P. Show in Gibsonburg, Oh. Large show but need to see more garden tractors here. If you’re close and can make it, bring a tractor or two or just stop by to say hi. Show runs Fri, Sat, Sun. And the big auction is a Monday. (Labor Day) All brands/makes welcome. I brought 3 Horses, a Ford, & a Sears. Hope to see you!! Here is pic or 2 of my set up of my ‘Home away from home for the next 3-4 days.
  2. Not sure what I said that you interpreted as an insult.. it surely wasnt my intention..
  3. Time to build another Custom Modifed. GT-14 with 20 HP Kohler twin, 1100 Eaton hydro rear end from 520-HC, seat pan, rear fenders & gas tank from D-160. I was going to put a 10HP diesel in this but changed my mind since I have this Kohler twin just sitting on bench needing a home. Still haven’t decided wether to stretch it and make a double wide or leave it be. Plenty of mental ambition, very little physical ambition.. lol Hoping this can be my winter project. Stay tuned!!
  4. I bought the beast from Bob. Several things absolutely amaze me about this. The incredible craftsmanship and thought that went into the machine first off. 2nd is how in heck could you do this in that Florida heat and with health conditions to boot? lastly, I’m amazed at some of the negative “behind my back” B/S I’m hearing because I bought “somebody else’s trophy”.. really?? same happened when I bough the Karl Stohry “Stretch”.. That was rotting away in somebody’s yard without so much as a $10 tarp over it.. I’d like to think I saved the poor thing.. (“The Stretch”) I hope to someday own a Robert Rock built tractor too.. I absolutely love these one of a kind, custom modified tractors. Unfortunatley, I’m not a fabricator. I’ve spent a small fortune breathing life back into the neglected pieces I’ve purchased and done my best to maintain and make minor improvements on these trophy’s. “The Beast” still needs work. Some of which I can do myself & some that I’ll have to farm out. but rest assured, it won’t sit out in the yard to rot like a few of these wonderful creations I’ve bought. If all that makes me the bad guy, then maybe I’m hanging with the wrong crowd.., final note... yes, I sold the trolley.. i had no way to transport it and I know it’s going to a good home where it will be well cared for and enjoyed for years to come..
  5. Bear G

    Missouri Mule-GT14

    I’d love to know which steering wheels went with which years.. there are at least 3 different style wheels that I know of.. also, the ‘69 The bottom of Wheel mounted very low, almost on the dash. My ‘71 the bottom is a good 3” above the dash. Heres the kicker, I junked a ‘69 that has the longer shaft that was also a good 3” up.. and it has a grease zerk....
  6. Bear G

    SOLD my 1054-A, 857, & Trolley

    Friend of mine went down for me and brought it back. Only sold the trolley. I kept “the Beast”
  7. Bear G

    Picked up a 1054

    Maybe we need to bring the show to you then. lol
  8. New here. Posted in wrong place. Dont see where I can delete.. sorry.
  9. The little green tractor went into the Mod/Chop Shop today. Changes (additions actually) are in the works. stay tuned...
  10. Bear G

    SOLD my 1054-A, 857, & Trolley

    Yes. I’m keeping the tractor though.
  11. Bear G


    Very nice ride. Would love to see more pics of this.
  12. Bear G

    ‘65 Wheel Horse “1054-A”

    SOLD!! Lasted 2 hours..
  13. Sold all three to one guy today.. Sad to see them go, but... One of the reasons I’m selling is because I’m thinning my personal collection down to custom, modified only. So, I’m selling all my “stock” tractors. Ilk still have a few “flip tractors”, but hope to get down to about 4 I’m my personal collection. We’ve been up around a dozen for a year now.. too much to keep up with.. I think these are going to a good home.
  14. Super clean. Runs & drives very nice. Comes with nice 48” deck & 54” snow plow. Also including rear inside wheel weights & chains. Will get pics of deck & plow posted ASAP. Here’s how I came up with the price. Tractor = $850 Deck =$250 Plow= $175 (shoes alone $75) NEW Hanger another $50 Wheel weights =$175 Hubcaps = $100 Chains $25 That’s $1575.. No, Sorry, I won’t separate things. $1450 Price is firm, take it or leave it. Not interested in trades. Located in North Central Ohio. More pics on request.
  15. Finishing up on my good GT-14 finally. New paint done (better pics soon) new muffler being custom built. Ordered new tie rods. finally found a decent steering wheel. It’s just temporary until I find the wood grain one I want for this. Beats the broken one that was on it.. I got the canopy home. It goes to canvas shop next week. Hoping I’m going to be allowed back in the GT-14 club..