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  1. neil

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Congratulations Roly on acquiring one of the best if not THE best wheel horse tractor in Uk . would love Richard to restore my Senior for me
  2. neil

    Tractor saw mill

    I currently have this saw mill hooked up to an Oxford Allen scythe , I plan to convert it to run on one of my tractors hopefully it will fit to my RJ58 it already has a kohler k90 which I plan to transplant onto the RJ
  3. neil

    Prayers for Brrly1

    Sorry to hear this news , had many chats with John , hope he recovers well soon . Prayers sent John
  4. neil

    Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Here is the stained glass one that I had done
  5. neil

    Daughter's first mow

    You’ve lost that tractor now , you’re gonna have to buy another one
  6. neil

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Happy birthday , Big fellow . Have a great day mate .
  7. neil

    Bushnell Tractor Show

    Sorry to hear about your dad, looked like he was enjoying some seat time
  8. neil

    Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair.

    Didn’t realise we had any panzer garden tractors in UK, great pics
  9. neil

    spike harrow

    My recent purchase , RJ58 with spike harrow
  10. neil

    Side shot Sunday!

    My recent purchase , rare to UK and came with attachments
  11. neil

    RJ 58 delivered from Scotland

    Thnx lane , it does need some TLC but I’m sure it’ll be ok , it needs a new spring for the lift handle
  12. neil

    RJ 58 delivered from Scotland

    Thanks Craig , yeah I must confess it’s one of my better finds , had a few lemons in the past
  13. neil

    RJ 58 delivered from Scotland

    It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that people go to . I managed to find this Very rare to UK RJ58 , (like I need another tractor ) . But hey this one was too good to pass up . It was located in Dunfermline Scotland which is slightly east of Edinburgh and I live 470 miles away in the south west of England . I struck a deal with the chap , made him a good offer he couldn’t refuse , so he made a good few bucks . Now I have the problem of getting it 470 miles away , Och , I’ll deliver it says 🤩 ,so naturally I excepted his offer , I payed the fuel costs happily . Two Scottish chaps set out at 10 pm on Saturday evening and arrived at my house 10 am the following morning , made them a cup of tea/ coffee and showed them around some of my stuff and then we unloaded the the RJ58. Heres what they brought me from Scotland
  14. neil

    Are the RJ attachments

    Thanx Richard , I’m gonna have to do some overtime to get this one workable , I may restore at a later date , way too many projects , I am going to sell a few tractors to free up some time
  15. neil

    Are the RJ attachments

    Still has the ID plate / sticker , can’t quite make out the number yet , also still has the exhust guard , bonus . it looks like it may have had a bit of a repaint at some point in its life due to the paint residue on the ID sticker but not 100% sure , sadly the wheels and seat were painted green , but I’m not complaining .