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  1. neil

    (UK) Vintage wheel horse sales ads

    Found a few vintage sales ads from the 60s from UK distributor GD Mountfield
  2. neil


    One from British Royal family. princess Alexandra Ogilvy
  3. neil

    Please welcome our newest Moderator....

    Congratulations Steve , well deserved .
  4. neil


    Dad, it’s 3 am , don’t you think you’ve had enough seat time today , you’ve been on that tractor since yesterday morning
  5. neil

    Prayers for Wheelhorseman & Family

    Shocked, nothing else in life matters more than the safety of your kids , prayers sent from UK , god bless Lowelll and family . take care
  6. neil

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Congratulations Roly on acquiring one of the best if not THE best wheel horse tractor in Uk . would love Richard to restore my Senior for me
  7. neil

    Tractor saw mill

    I currently have this saw mill hooked up to an Oxford Allen scythe , I plan to convert it to run on one of my tractors hopefully it will fit to my RJ58 it already has a kohler k90 which I plan to transplant onto the RJ
  8. neil

    Prayers for Brrly1

    Sorry to hear this news , had many chats with John , hope he recovers well soon . Prayers sent John
  9. neil

    Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Here is the stained glass one that I had done
  10. neil

    Daughter's first mow

    You’ve lost that tractor now , you’re gonna have to buy another one
  11. neil

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Happy birthday , Big fellow . Have a great day mate .
  12. neil

    Bushnell Tractor Show

    Sorry to hear about your dad, looked like he was enjoying some seat time
  13. neil

    Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair.

    Didn’t realise we had any panzer garden tractors in UK, great pics
  14. neil

    spike harrow

    My recent purchase , RJ58 with spike harrow
  15. neil

    Side shot Sunday!

    My recent purchase , rare to UK and came with attachments