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  1. leachy

    Hi, new Yorkshire member

    does anyone have PN of a belt for a 3 blade deck on a Toro518H wheel horse. It looks to be about 85" LENGTH. Or advise where I can get one?
  2. leachy

    Onan Voltage Regulator question

    Gents Can do you have the wiring for the regulator as I have one wire going into the main block before the fuse box and it terminates there and isn't connected to anything.
  3. Gents do you have the PN of the ignition trigger and rotor plate on the flywheel? How do I test this trigger mechanism with a ohm meter. would the resistance change as I rotate the engine?
  4. leachy

    Ignition Coil burnt out

    Don't suppose you know where I can buy these??
  5. leachy

    Ignition Coil burnt out

    Hey thanks Geoff Do you have the Part Numbers for the trigger ring and ignition module?
  6. leachy

    My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    If it is the trigger is there any easy way to get the flywheel off?? Do I need to time it before I remove it and do i mark it? What puller can I buy to get it off??? What size are the 4 bolts on the front face of the flywheel I think 1/2" head. Help Again!!
  7. leachy

    My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    Gents. I am still getting no spark from my coil. Is there any ohm reading check I can make to test the coil trigger mechanism? If I apply a meter to the trigger wires red and black that are connected to the coil psosts I get a very high K ohm reading and no change if I rotate the engine. If I apply voltage to the pos of the coil and rotate my engine with voltmeter on pos and engine ground still nothing. HELP!!
  8. leachy

    No Spark

    Can anybody draw me up a ignition, starter and charging circuit similar to the one somebody posted relating to a different engine? I am struggling here. Wheel Horse 518H Onan engine Oh anybody got a coil for sale?? Basic-cover-letter-template.docx
  9. leachy

    My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    what ohm reading should you get on the module? Does it change as you rotate the engine past TDC. Also if its a Hall effect does it have voltage rather then a permamnt magnet type sensor?
  10. leachy

    No Spark

    Hi Gents I did pose a question a couple of weeks back and I am still working on the issue. Basically I have had to rip out all the wiring on the 518H and rewire the ignition and the starter system direct from the key switch. Can you help with the following. 1,I left the key switch on and noticed burning on the coil basically the coil has burnt out. (This was before I ripped the wring out). Would a coil burn out by just leaving ignition on or was it probably damaged previously> I have just got the unit and it hasn't run for a couple of years. I just don't want to put a new coil on to find it burning out. The Toro shop wants $300 for a new coil.!!! 2, I have a ohm meter on the 2 wires for the triggering device. there is no resistance on the device. When I rotate the engine should this device open and close to ground the voltage. What should the reading on the ohm meter be as I rotate the engine up to and then past TDC? 3, Do we have 4 x wires on the + side of the coil. 1Coil + >, 2 condenser >, 3Trigger wire and>, rectifier?? 4, If I have to get to the triggering device, How do I do it. I cannot see how I get the cover panel off surrounding the flywheel. Do I have to remove the flywheel to get to it?
  11. leachy

    Ignition Coil burnt out

    Gents How do I change the ignition triggering device on the flywheel. It does not look easy too get at. Also what is the ressitance Ohms reading I should be getting from the triggering device. Does it change as I rotate the engine?
  12. leachy

    Ignition Coil burnt out

    When you say ignition switch what do you mean A key switch?
  13. For some reason my coil has burnt out on my Wheel Horse 518H Onan 2 cylinder unit. I have just bought the unit second hand and its been in a field for a couple of years. There is no start on the key switch so not sure where that is but when powering up the ignition the col burnt out. I cannot see this type of clamp down wasted coil for sale anywhere have they replaced it with something else???. What is the easiest way to wire it up for ignition and starter system?