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  1. wolfpack


    Snow thrower auger roller chain routing I am learning to get around this program. So let's start with, what is "Tags" & where do I go to read the policy. Question: I am looking for a diagram of the routing of my snow thrower, Mod No. 79360- 5902412 auger roller chain . I have most manuals and diagrams. The only one that shows a useful picture is installation Instructions, Form No 3316-425, but it is not clear enough to read. If there is a routing/configuration of the auger roller chain somewhere in the system, I would be grateful? Thanks
  2. Say boys, where can i find a snow thrower repair manual for my snow thrower Model No 79360, SN: 5902412. it's on a 500H MOD: 73502, SN: 7905310. The drive chain master link broke last storm. I have installed it before when working on the shaft bearing, but I like to follow written instructions and schematics this time. Thanks JD
  3. Thank You for those who responded to my lift arm and auger belt installation. I realize the blower should not scrape the ground and the lift arm connection is a poor design at best. Cotter pins are not the fix, the connection hitting the ground is a given at some point. I plan on trying Garry's method of replacing the auger belt, sounds like a winner. Sarge may have something on modifying the lift arm connection, i will draft something similar. Getting the connection off the bottom of the lift arm is the only answer.
  4. Stay with me boys, i am new at this. I find two problems with my 1997 520H I would like to through out there. 1) The lift arm connected to the snow blower auger housing keeps coming off. I changed the connection to a clevis & pin. it works much better than a cotter pin, but that failed just after the last snow storm. Adjusting the feet seems to help but does not get close enough to the ground to get a clean sweep. Why would anyone put that connection on the bottom of the auger housing? Am i doing something wrong? 2) The forward pulley for the auger belt- drive is so close to the auger housing I cannot change belts without removing the pulley, which at the moment is frozen on. The set screws holding the pulley to the shaft are next to impossible to get any muscle on with a small tool, no room to work. Is that pulley suppose to be that close to the auger housing?
  5. Let's ride, thanks
  6. Thanks, glade to be here.
  7. wolfpack


    Wanted, front push blade with, frame and rear lift unit Wheel Horse Mod: 73502 (1957)
  8. What front push blade and accessories are compatible with a Wheel Horse 500 series , Mod" 73502 (1957). Are they still sold new?