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  1. WHrookie

    K181 Points Sparks

    Problem has been resolved. Insufficient common grd.
  2. WHrookie

    K181 Points Sparks

    Gary, must have been a film of oil preventing 100% grd. Base of points and block looked clean but after i scuffed them and even the cam cover, it disappeared.
  3. WHrookie

    K181 Points Sparks

    A little background on this 1978 C81. It hadn’t been cranked in 6.5 years and when I got it home, cleaned carb and put in a Lowe’s spark plug. A little fuel in cylinder and it fired right up. Happiest person in the world, until it shut off and wouldn’t crank. Checked coil, close to being bad, so it was replaced. Rebuilt carb, new point and cond. went through hrs of retiming and setting point, still wouldn’t crank. Checked fire to plug and had spark. Bottom line was, bad new plug. Finally figured it out by taking plug from electro 12 and there you have it. I’m just a rookie on the small engines, but with all the help here, figured it out. My last extra spark problem was Grounding. Removed points and sanded points base and base on block, no extra spark. What a wonderful site to soothe from blowing up a good tractor. Now, I will refurbish this one first and the tackle the electro 12 next. The 12 is a running tractor but needs some love. The C81 still smokes some, but I can live with that. You guys are great. Patience, I’m starting to learn since retirement.
  4. WHrookie

    K181 Points Sparks

    Thanks, my first thought was grounding and then the cond. the cond. is NOS and it did have some discoloration to its casing. Ill let you know what I find out.
  5. WHrookie

    K181 Points Sparks

    Recently completed installing points and condenser on my c81/k181s. With engine running and points cover off, I see spark at the contacts and also on the side in the area of the adjusting screw. What should I do to eliminate the additional spark?
  6. Anyone know of someone that may have headlight buckets for an Electro or charger 12?
  7. WHrookie

    WH 310 Seat

    Is the seat still available and would it fit a 78 C81?
  8. WHrookie

    What is it?

    I found a tag on it and the only legible part I could read was Toro Manufacturing.
  9. WHrookie

    What is it?

    Found this today while scoping out a WH. Does anybody know what it is?
  10. WHrookie

    Manual Shift Plates

    I need a plate for 1969 electro 12. only slots in the plate is for seat latch and shift indicator (6.75 x 7.75).
  11. WHrookie

    tractors and lots of parts

    I need headlight assembley for 1969 Electro 12. Previous owner removed entire lighting and put a piece of metal over opening. also I need the plate that covers the console directly in front of the seat. This is the plate that has the slot for the forward, neutral and reverse indicator.