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  1. Any idea what was in the tank or run through the fittings? Being as they were at the landfill they shouldn’t have had hazardous materials through them but you never know. I maybe overly cautious but from my work experience these are the kind of things I think of.
  2. DET

    Any recommendations

    Denny, We cruised out of there this summer so we only had about two days in NOLA. The cemeteries are interesting and I think you will thoroughly enjoy the WWII museum, that was my favorite thing. If you get a chance, riding the street cars is a good mode of transportation. Eating local is always a good choice.
  3. DET

    Adapting a tiller

    Dave, I have discussed this with a friend who is well versed in hydraulics. Once he has a chance to come up with a hydraulic motor with enough torq I will let you know. My pulley on the gearbox is 9” diameter and the gearbox has a 9:1 ratio. I am going to stick with a belt drive, with the tensioner pulley driving the gearbox shouldn’t be a problem. If it is I would switch to a cogged belt. I am leary of a chain and sprockets for the fact that if something gets bound up I would rather have to replace a belt than repair the gearbox or replace the hydraulic motor. Doug
  4. DET

    Adapting a tiller

    I hadn’ t thought about hooking it up in the front. Looks like I would have to turn the tines around or till with the tractor in reverse, which is totally do able. This is what I like about Red Square, so many skill sets and ideas. Need to do some figuring to see what I need for the hydraulic motor and go from there. I would like to thank everyone for their input and look forward to more to come.
  5. DET

    Adapting a tiller

    With my pump not being original and not having a manual for the FEL that I have, I believe it’s at the 8 gpm range. I was wondering what the input RPM for the gearbox should be? I don’t really need a tiller but since I do have one just looking to see if I can make it work and the hydraulic motor, if it will work seems like the easiest way.
  6. I have a 520xi with Kwik Way loader. I also have a model 7-1251 tiller. I am thinking of adapting the tiller to run off of the hydraulic pump that the FEL uses by attaching a hydraulic motor to run the tiller gearbox. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this or has any ideas of what to look out for. Thanks
  7. DET

    Upcoming Auction in Ohio

    Here is the auction web site, lots more pictures there. http://www.troyerauctionservices.com/contact-troyer-auction-services/
  8. Ran across this and thought someone may be interested. You can check it out on Auction Zip.
  9. DET

    Bucket attachment

    Whether you decide to build or adapt it is worth downloading the Kwik-Way manual from this site. It will show how the mfr. designed the loader to go on your 5xi.I did and bought a pulley box from A-Z tractor to mount my hyd. Pump on my 520xi.
  10. DET

    Kwik-Way Loader

    Thank you Ronnie
  11. DET

    Kwik-Way Loader

    I ‘ll take it. I live in Zanesville, will probably get it next weekend if that works for you.
  12. DET

    Kwik-Way Loader

    Would you take $1,000.
  13. DET

    Kwik-Way Loader

    Do you still have this?
  14. DET

    520xi Attachments

    Thanks for the info. I'm sure to have more questions as time goes on.
  15. I just got a 520xi and am looking at getting some attachments. Does anyone know if a blade that was used on a 417A will fit? Thanks