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  1. Many vintage tractors and attachments on the 12/15 sale by Lutz auctions. Wish I could make the trip and have a MERRY Christmas!
  2. Goldnboy

    5877 / 106846 42" deck outer pulley

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Goldnboy

    5877 / 106846 42" deck outer pulley

    Changed Status to Pending
  4. I have 3 cast iron doudle d pulleys for a 42" deck. These are used and painted to prevent rusting. Will ship at buyer expense at $7.20 eachnjo for flat rate USPS.
  5. Goldnboy

    42" deck rebuild

    Manage to get an afternoon to work on this while the spouse was out shopping. Was tons on rust and the dust is everywhere in the garage! I have pretty good hole to fill and the pitting on top.
  6. Goldnboy

    42" deck rebuild

    Here one of two spindles I rebuilt with bearings in the spring. Apparently jb weld doesn't stick long to this because it was reformed around the bolt hole and it has just peeled off. Now the bolt hole is cracked. Should I go old school and back to to cast iron spindles?
  7. Goldnboy

    42" deck rebuild

    I was thinking the same thing on this one but curious to others thought on filling the hole with Jb weld steel stick or bondo first.
  8. Goldnboy

    42" deck rebuild

    Got all the spindles and pulleys out without using any heat I was able to use the big electric impact to get the stubborn nuts off. I have a lot of rust and pitting on the shell . Thinking about using jb weld to fill in the pitted areas.
  9. Goldnboy

    42" deck rebuild

    Well with winter upon us here I got bored a decided to start on rebuilding the 42 side discharge deck it has no ID tag but figure it must be a 5-1010. It uses d spindles and cast aluminum housings. It has what appears to be the normal hole near the side exit which is why I am tearing it down. This spring I replaced the bearing and did temporary jb weld on the spindle bolt holes to get through the mowing season until a replacement is found.
  10. Interested in front weight kit if available
  11. Goldnboy

    Plow Bracket 704

    PM sent
  12. Goldnboy

    New Addition to the herd

    I hope your blade doesn't have cancer! A shame it's in that shape.
  13. Goldnboy

    Anybody on Disability?

    My wife has not worked for 3 years and has fibromyalgia and pretty can't do anything and we have been turned down for Disability twice and now we got a lawyer and was are waiting now and due for a court appeal in January. We have a Dr note saying inability to work, but our Attorney has been PITA since initial meeting.
  14. Goldnboy

    BD-4262 Dozer Blade?

    Randy I know we are overdue for some snow... but you should know better than that by now! I haven't used my snowblower for 4 years.
  15. Goldnboy

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Thanks I didn't know the smaller Predator had ball bearings since most builds are using the electric PTO. That is why I suggested the thrust plate which is seldom talked about.