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  1. Goldnboy

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    There is one like that same model and condition with deck for $350 + 3 hrs drive time.
  2. I have a opportunity to acquire a D series 3pt which appears complete. Has anyone put these on a C series before? I know that I would use a separate dedicated pump and reservoir.
  3. Goldnboy

    Sears Bankruptcy

    All my tools are craftsman USA quality before the outsourcing to mfg overseas. I have many specialized tools from farming days that I wonder how it is "guaranteed forever" works now. I also remember that my favorite thing to see in the mail as a kid was the Sears Christmas catalog!
  4. Goldnboy

    Wheel Horse parts Auction

    Is anyone going to post what was found?
  5. After many, many months of searching, I was able to grab this plow for price of a tank of gas and 3hrs driving(first one seen in a year). I hope it is a long frame. The lady said was from a 60's 500 series, it looked to new to me. Looks like I need to fabricate a lever linkage from a coat hanger maybe and get a axle bracket.
  6. Goldnboy

    Other brand pictures.

    Called a swisher bigmow or ride king made from 1950's to 2000 then stopped due to EPA regulations started again last year but for a cool $3k!
  7. Goldnboy

    Other brand pictures.

    These are just about at every salvage yard. Chris G recently did one panzer color
  8. Goldnboy

    14HP B-80

    Better run if the wife needs to dry laundry!
  9. Goldnboy

    PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Have you attempted to pull the bearing out of the pulley with a puller? It could be that bearing will press fit in the recessed area on drive pulley 101875 used on the 8 Hp Kohlers that have the 1" shaft.
  10. Goldnboy

    Stupid fury rodents

    Have you ever tried feeding them sweet corn fully coated with rat poison?☠ All they are looking for is a snack!
  11. Goldnboy

    How do you fix a gas tank? And my new purchase...

    Nice score with all the accessories for that machine, it was only made in 1973 and is a TRUE Allis, not simplicity. I had been debating on that for weeks glad to kept me from doing so, I still favor the parts availability for a horse. Oh there are two more at Mclouth listed that you may want to check out.
  12. Goldnboy

    40in mid mount blade

    My grader blade went south down I-49 to Springfield to @Tyler71
  13. In my search for a roller I have come across a individual retiring with numerous machines available such as: A100,B82,B111,655,656,702,1054,1276, 606,855,C120,C85,B80,lawn ranger. My preference is the C series however, what is the popularity of the lawn ranger which this guy has 10 of and the B111 which he has 6 of?
  14. Goldnboy

    Cause of transmission failure

    Thanks this will be helpful when evaluating a roller in the future for a parts machine.
  15. For those who have repaired 8 speed transmissions what items are the source of failure? Forks? Cluster gear? Bearing? Water is obviously enemy #1 Along with no oil as #2