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  1. Daddy Don

    Prayers please

    I don't think you are nuts/ No one else will either. You are giving him the care and love he needs. Keep up the good loving parent that you are and keep the faith. I will pray for him.
  2. Daddy Don


    I have a 1981 c-125 and it is great. the picture is the C-125
  3. Daddy Don

    Finally Some Snow!

    Lot easier to put out Christmas Décor while it is warm instead of freezing to death. Started putting mine out today. We only get very little snow just about one inch this month. So here comes Christmas.
  4. Daddy Don

    Americana at its best

    Sorry for the heartbreak you are going thru. Keep the faith.
  5. Daddy Don


  6. Daddy Don

    kind of excited

    This is a good story. Just shows how no one is ever forgot on this site no matter who you are. Your dad is looking down and smiling on you for finding out his account. This is a great tribute to you for caring out the way to find your dads records Keep your faith and thank him for what he left you. My dad died with black lung cancer from working in the coal mines in Utah. He never talked that much so I don't know what it was like for him.
  7. Daddy Don


    They are great looking. Put me down for one even if I don't Win One.
  8. Daddy Don

    New around here!

    You will get a lot of help on this site. Just keep checking back and you will be flooded with a lot of information.
  9. Daddy Don

    My first horse! C-100

    I am all for it winter coming on may be a good time to try and set up something.
  10. Daddy Don

    My first horse! C-100

    Nat I am in Oklahoma City you will get a lot of information and help from this site. If you are in Oklahoma City maybe we could meet up. Good luck with your tractor.
  11. Daddy Don

    Somebody stole the BFH

    Just have to hit the nail once and it is done.
  12. Daddy Don


    They grow in mass here in Oklahoma