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  1. These Harry Lee tractors are shown every year at the Elnora Indiana show. One of my favorites. The club there has constructed a replica 1920's small town complete with a grist mill, train depot, line shaft machine shop and wood shop, gas station, stores, bank, post office and just about every sight you would have seen in small town America 100 years ago. If at all possible put this one on your calendar. 2nd weekend of Sept every year. White River Valley Antique Machinery Assoc.
  2. incabman

    K321 engine running rough

    My vote is also for a bad condenser. Those buggers can simulate all kinds of electrical and seemingly fuel problems. They have given me fits more than once while chasing down issues with the K engines. I have been adding MMO to the fuel I use in my small engines for the last 15 or so years and virtually eliminated any fuel systems problems. Whatever is in the stuff works. No varnish buildup or fuel going bad on me even when left in the tank over winter.
  3. If you are going to try and salvage the engine, check the camshaft for cracks. Sometimes when a rod lets go, it will come around and whack the cam hard enough to break it. Otherwise looks like a good haul esp the deck.
  4. incabman

    Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    You can get a helicoil kit at Auto Zone or O'Reilly for $25 and have spares for the next time you need one. Comes with a threading tool and a few inserts. Easy DIY job.
  5. Take a short length of 1/8 tubing and insert down your funnel while filling and it will allow air to escape while adding fluid. Don't know how much it takes though. I'm sure someone else will let you know.
  6. incabman

    Bench firing a Kohler M12

    You can run this engine on the bench with no wires connected to anything. Just touch the starter with 12 volts from a battery or charger and it will run if it is able. To kill it just pull the plug wire and you will have no worries about possible damage to any components. ezy peezy.
  7. incabman

    Dealer List

    Jack Modlin had the dealership in North Vernon IN until the early 1980's. I worked with Jack after that at the Carpenter Body plant building buses. I think he would have rather kept working on red tractors than buses.
  8. incabman

    Raider 12 overheating

    Don't forget that these Kohler engines need to be de-carboned every 500 hours. A piece of carbon can stay glowing red in the head and cause pre-ignition causing overheating. Not saying that is your case but is a possibility.
  9. incabman

    1969 raider 10

    Thanks for the welcomes but I am not smart enough to load pics until maybe my daughter can help. Right now the raider is in pieces all over the shop with most cleaned, painted and ready to be reassembled. The transmission is apart right now and a few of the parts in there have seen better days. The 5174 low and reverse gear on the input shaft is chewed up and needs replaced and the 7213 Hi/Lo detent bolt is broke. Besides seals and a new gasket Is there any other parts I should replace while in there? Maybe new thrust washers and circlips on the axles? While here I want to say thanks to Steveasaurus for his transmission videos. Very well done and will save this horse for better days ahead.
  10. incabman

    1969 raider 10

    New guy here. Been lurking for a while and finally got on board. Great forum. I have a 1969 raider 10 that i got the day after the original owner traded it in on a 312-8. It had a one year old K301 replacement engine when I got it in 1986 and it still the best running Kohler engine on the place. After 31 years of being rode hard and put up wet, I finally have gotten around to giving her a well deserved restoration. I hope to be able to get some advise and a couple leads on a few parts to get her back to top shape. She was still being used right up until being pulled into the shop last month.