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  1. Dave Roach

    Happy Birthday Kyle

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  2. Dave Roach


    Thanks @fast88pu i have heard you need to put a stiffer spring on the bypass valve so when it gets in a hard pull it won’t try to bypass! As you can see it’s gonna take a little TLC just to get it running! But hey if ya don’t try you’ll never know right?
  3. Dave Roach


    Thank you 953 nut for the Welcome Mat! Like i I said I'm new to this forum & pulling so I deeply appreciate this link you shared! Thanks again!
  4. Dave Roach


    Thank you Ed for the Welcome Mat! Yes i I read that post about the chain & cog drive & agree with whoever it was that commented you will loose traction before the V-belt will slip! I have a 857 that has been my little "Bulldozer" for years & that is what I have found over the years too. Wow! That Crazy Horse is Crazy! You drag race that thing? What kind of speeds do you run? Anyhow thanks for the reply & info!
  5. Dave Roach


    Thank you! I have 7 grandkids so I know the enjoyment in that as well! Thank you for the welcome mat!
  6. Dave Roach


    I'm new to the forum & new to the pulling sene i have a 520-HC & am thinking of trying to set it up to pull it. Has anybody ever tried pulling a Hydrostat before & if so how do they do? Planning on trying the "Grass Cutter" class first to see how it does. Any imput would be appreciated! Thanks!