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  1. Artmilaca

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    Seriously is there a 12-step program for Wheel Horse owners ? 😁 I know there's guys just got a lot more than I do but I just bought number six and seven. Bought a 520h with 650 hours on it with tiller, snow blower and mower deck for 400. Only thing I could find was wrong with it was the regulator rectifier was gone and about a pint of water in the gas tank. Got it running fine and the hydro and everything is okay. About a week ago I bought a 417a with 805 hours with mower deck for $50. Don't really know why it was ever parked but it was covered up with a heavy tarp for a number of years. Of course moisture came up from the ground and rusted a lot of stuff but not real bad. Took me about half a day to get the engine going right. Had carburetor issues and the points were bad. Also again a bunch of water in the gas tank and fuel lines. Everything works fine now. I was going to post a video of them running but the file is too large use. Stable: 3 417A's 2 C175's 1 520h 1 Toro WH....257 if I remember right 4 48" mower decks 1 48" tiller 2 48" single stage snow blowers 1 2 stage snow blower A few mule drives hitches and other miscellaneous stuff
  2. Artmilaca

    WTB 520H - P220 parts

    Need Onan P220 regulator, a 520h good tight throttle control, ignition switch, transmission fan. May need other parts either for engine or tractor so if you have something you're parting out let me know
  3. Artmilaca

    Onan p220 charging problem

    Garry Already did the test. There is battery voltage at the DC terminal on the regulator.
  4. Artmilaca

    Onan p220 charging problem

    Ok I got the wires straightened out. 10 amp fuse was blown so I replaced that and now the lights, tach and everything works. No 12 volt output from the rectifier so I guess that's gone so looking for one.
  5. Artmilaca

    Onan p220 charging problem

    Thanks for the info. I do have the engine manual so I knew where connections went but my concern is what initially went wrong with it. I'm a little concerned with wrecking the alternator or something else. Wonder whatever possessed them to just connect one side of the AC to the tack ?
  6. Artmilaca

    520H year ?

    I got the mule Drive. That makes me an even half dozen
  7. Artmilaca

    Tractor saw mill

    I don't know why you would need any more power. I have seen an Alaskan Sawmill slab up to two foot trees with a 5 horsepower chainsaw. Especially if you're talking softwood
  8. So I bought this 520h a little while ago and it's not charging. Today I decided to check it out and see what might be going on. Hard to do a spec test of the alternator because the RPM gauge is not working but just above idle I'm getting 25 volts and not wide open but at higher RPM I'm showing like 36 volts so I'm guessing the alternator's all right. Somebody messed with the wiring going to the voltage regulator it looks like one wire might of got hot and burned off and they just jury-rigged to wires together so I don't have a clue. Only one wire from the alternator is hooked to the regulator like it should be and the other one is Twisted together with another black wire that goes into a bundle down on the left rear side of the engine. Including a picture of what they Cobbed together. I guess on the bright side it appears the alternator is okay, they didn't blow that up
  9. Artmilaca

    520H year ?

  10. Artmilaca

    520H year ?

    PM sent
  11. Artmilaca

    520H year ?

    Hi Toolcrib, I could use a new ignition switch for sure and maybe a new throttle control if you have a tight one. Is there a way to do PM's on the Forum, if there is I haven't figured it out
  12. Artmilaca

    520h throttle problem

    Thanks and I appreciate all the feedback. I will get it sorted out one way or another.
  13. Artmilaca

    520h throttle problem

    Yep, already using that wire trick
  14. Artmilaca

    520H year ?

    Now I have a 520 to put my two-stage blower on instead of on my 417a
  15. Artmilaca

    520H year ?

    Tractor and implements came with full manuals for everything including Onan service manual 😁