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  1. jabelman

    Old TD6 on Blocks

    that looks cool just parked where it's at
  2. jabelman

    Help IDing (New to Horses)

    702 with a cut up hood?
  3. jabelman

    Sears Bankruptcy

    yes, they did return tools no questions asked but always craftsman "broke" alot more than other comparable brands like husky, kobalt, Pittsburg. the catalog was before my time. I am remember my grandparents saved a few from the 70s and we would look through them once and awhile at the strange people with funny hair.
  4. jabelman

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I won't miss sears, I barely ever shopped there. I did buy a washer and dryer a few years back. most of time I went there was to return those horrible 3/8 ratchet's that always break.
  5. jabelman

    what year and model is this wheel horse

    thanks, if you search around here lots of good tips on patina refinishing. I think it was member amc, I used his approach with Johnson paste wax. watch the battery under seat I remember reading on another site a dude hit a bump and got a good jolt on the behind
  6. jabelman

    what year and model is this wheel horse

    my 701, I just scuffed and waxed it and painted the rims
  7. jabelman

    what year and model is this wheel horse

    what's the button the right side of the hood? kill switch? is that stock? my 551 does not have that
  8. I knew a guy who made frying pan weights, found 4 matching pans and welded them together, drilled for the mounting holes and sleeved with conduit. then drilled a fill plug for cement. they worked well and cost next nothing to make.
  9. jabelman

    K181: RJ8C /J8C spark plugs

    throw the champion out and buy an ngk plug
  10. jabelman

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    I don't think prices are that bad for wh stuff, use common sense, patience when buying. don't be afraid to walk away from an over priced deal. I restored alot of off brand garden tractors where parts are either non existing, ridiculous priced if you could find, fortunately through friends and connections you can trade or buy within reason. alot I had to fabricate. it has been a real fun change redoing wheelhorses now, I can find any part I need quickly and easily *(except for an 854 hood that I need)**, all the ones I purchased were less than 1 hour away and next to nothing in price. plus you can get an answer to any questions you have.
  11. jabelman

    What grit for sanding head?

    I scuff it first then hit with flat black spray paint and scuff again that will show the high and low areas
  12. jabelman

    What grit for sanding head?

    as JaInVa said I have a thick piece of glass plate I use on heads and carburetors (makes a huge difference on those old 2 piece updraft briggs)
  13. jabelman

    Rear hub making

    do you do casting? I can keep you busy!