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  1. Many thanks. I’ll switch it out tomorrow.
  2. I purchased a 1996 520H last spring and I am servicing for the first time. I have been searching forums and I have found that the NAPA or WIX 1410 filter should be correct for transmission fluid filter. When I compare the filter on the tractor now, it is a Onan 122-0800. That appears to be an engine oil filter. The NAPA 1410 is a larger diameter that the Onan filter. But the Onan filter looks like it belongs where it is. Am I safe to use the NAPA 1410?
  3. Dear all, First off, please forgive me me if I am not using this forum correctly. This is my first day here. I purchased a 520 H last spring. I am servicing it now for this years mowing season. I am a little stumped on a matter with the transmission fluid filter. Every string I have seen shows a NAPA or WIX 1410 as the correct filter. The tractor now has a Onan 122-0800. From what I can determine, that is actually a engine oil filter. I have the NAPA 1410 and it is a larger diameter that the Onan 122-0800. Am I ok to use the NAPA 1410 in place of the filter on the tractor now?