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  1. This message if for Ron Addision, do you still have the coupler and are you interested in selling it? thanks Marc
  2. Could someone take a quick look at the picture below. This is what my coupler orientation looks like as compared to the pump and the engine. Engine on the right and pump is on the left of the picture. When looking at the orienation of the couple on the splined shaft mine looks backwards. Is this correct. Is the picture shown above in the earler post the correct orientation and did I accidentaly rotate mine 180degrees on the spline shaft when I repaired the strip spline the first time (9 years ago). I also noticed a spline washer is one fo the part list online that does not appear to be in the assembly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks to all for helping me out. Marc
  3. Ron, Could you sene me qoute on this coupling. I am having trouble finding a replacement coupling. I have a qoute for about $400 to the pump/shaft rebuilt. I am not sure if the money is worth spending if these joints are not robust enough to last. This is my second shaft and it lasted almost 10years. I was able to find a coupling back in 2009 (new) but since then the source has been discontinued. Do you know of people still making the these coupling today, or are they going to get harder and harder to find (more expensive). I am just interested in what you think. thanks Marc
  4. Does anybody have a good source for replacement front wheel bearings for a mid to late 1970's D160 wheel horse tractor? There are two push in bearing units (inner and outer) per wheel. I first attempted to replace with standard bearings but quickly found out these are not standard sizes. It's been a while since I check and I don't completely remember, but I think the wheelhorse bearings where something like 1/16" of an inch larger OD than a standard catalog bearing. At the time, I remember finding bearings but they wanted somthing like $100 for each bearing. I was able to located two bearings and did purchase them for a reasonible price, but am still looking for two for completing the set. The part numbe ron the two that I was able to locate is 104396. If anybody has any ideas, I would appreciate. Thanks Marc
  5. Thank you all for the advise. However, after closer inspection this evening, it's definitely the splines on the outside of the pump shaft that stripped out. I believe this is good news as there hopefully nothing inside the pump that gave out. This is the second time the shaft strip out on me (once about 9 - 10 years ago). Does anybody have advise on what else that I should check, or do for securing the spline shaft once I get the pump repaired. I will have to locate another coupler for attaching to the new spline shaft. Any recommendation on where I could purchase one of these? Thanks Marc
  6. I have an issue with my mid 1970's D160 garden tractor. Plowing snow over the weekend it begain to make an awful grinding sound come from what appears to be behind the motor. Once this happened, all the hydraulic stop working and the forward reverse lever seem to be stuck in the middle position. I shut down the tractor and was able to release the value on the pump and tow the tractor back into the garage. When towing it back to the garage, I noticed the rear wheel where moving ok (with the release valve open) In the garage, the forward / reverse lever will move back and forth. I did attempt to restart the tractor again without any luck. The sound seemed to be the same. I am speculating that I have a pump issue on the hydrostatic drive. It' not the spline coupler with I know can spin out. I did have this happen about 10years ago and at that time, I removed the pump and had shop replace the shaft. This time, the shaft is definetly spinning the pump making a sound that I can only describe as a high pitch grind combine with what sounds like gravel rolling around inside of the a barrell. Does anybody out there have any advise? Is there any checks that I can do to make sure it is the pump? I friend has suggest lifting up the rear end and seeing if the wheels spin in opposite directions by hand (with our without valve closed?) Is it possible that I may have damage something in the rear end? I did notice after replacing the spline on the pump 10 years ago, the tractor would still roll backwards with the value closed and the tractor not running. I was not concerned at the time the tractor seem to move fine forward and reverse. I do use the tractor for many task. I have the rotor tiller, snowblower, deck, category 0 connection with back blade. It's a nice little tractor and I would like to keep it running. It has the Onan 16hp engine which I have only had to rebuild the carb back about 10years ago due to some lugging issues. For the most part, engine is good burns a little oil (I change it every month in the summertime), and runs best on 90 REC gas. If anybody has any recommendation for how to troubleshoot the most recent problem, veryify it's the pump, rule out any other possilbe rear-end damage, and possible recommend next steps, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks Marc (FYI, I live in Western Michigan between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo).