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    So Willy My Unit is exactly what you show in the right Picture : Can you read My Thread below this thread in regards to Broken belt and maybe answer my issue
  2. I lost the pin needed to operate the lift arm. Installed a New pin and get ready to blow snow. Soon as I lift the Unit up off the floor the belt snaps. When it was down it operated fine ,Plus prior to losing the pin it was working perfectly ok . So Yesterday I Re-Tore everything apart and used the manual to put it back together. I had it right the first time. With the exception that the manual said to put the lift handle in the Mounting position during install. When I went to do so I realized it already was there. I'd left it in that position after the first installation. I'd forgotten to adjust it out to one of the lift options L-M-or high. SO I am guessing having left it in the Mounting position is why I broke the belt. Everything is setup right to operate. I'm just a tad concerned I'm going to snap another $60.00 belt. So before doing so I thought I'd see if anyone here has experience with this Blower : The Tractor is the 264H Series from the 1996 models. The snowblower is 42" Model 79263. The Belt is 132 inches Runs off the main clutch back on 2 small Pulleys and then to a large pulley on the unit itself. So just wondering if my A hah moment sounds like what My problem was . As I mentioned prior to loosing the pin . The unit was working just fine. I'd really appreciate an informed opinion. 8 inches of fresh now with maybe that much more tomorrow and Sunday.