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  1. Can you send me photos of the 48" deck you have?  I really need the two arms on each side of the 3" flat pulley that is just above the deck.

  2. He's supposed to get back to me shortly with a time to pick it up tonight. I'll get pics up as soon as it's on my trailer.
  3. It doesn't have a deck, just a blade. It'll be a snow pusher and pull my kids around the yard.
  4. I'm going Monday to pick up the 854. Says it runs fine, he's using it today to spread gravel. $150 for the tractor and $150 for the plow. I tried to get the plow for less but he's holding firm on $300 for both. Sound like a good price?
  5. Yeah, I think I'm going to go with the 854. It needs more work than the others but I love the way it looks. That rear fender isn't the original, right?
  6. What about an 854 for $150? Not for mowing, more for pushing snow
  7. I may still buy the hustler, but I definitely want to get a WH as well. A few more finds around me: -D200, No information, asking $910 (seems pretty high to me), 48" deck. -GT 14, seems like it has been rusting for a while, assume 48" deck, asking $350. -520h and c125, asking $650 for both, 520 has a 60" deck, needs a fuel pump, and no information on the c125.
  8. I thought it was a little steep. I'm thinking about offering $400 for both. If he doesn't take it, I have a few more that I am looking at. I'm not really concerned with speed, these old tractors just have a "not everyone has one" factor that I am really liking. Hopefully I can pick one up soon so I can have it ready for the spring.
  9. I made two identical posts. Can a mod delete one, please? Thank you.
  10. I was goofing around on the internet the other day and started looking at mowers. We just moved and now I have 7 acres to mow. My father-in-law wants to sell me his hustler for $3000, but I think these vintage tractors are just cool looking. So I found a guy about 40 mins from me selling a bronco 14 with a broken rod and a charger 12 without a deck. The bronco seems to be original but the charger had been repainted. He is asking $650 for both. What is a good price? Thanks in advance. I look forward to learning a lot from this forum.