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  1. AmyS

    Snow cab

    My dad has 2 wheel horse tractors. He is looking for a snow cab and hubcas and hubcaps for them. He doesn't have a computer so I'm looking for him. I'll be on from time to time if he needs something or decides to sell something.
  2. AmyS

    Snow cab

    Ok. Thank you. I got to the items for sale, so I'm getting somewhere.
  3. AmyS

    NOS cab canvas

    Will this fit a 416 or a 314? Also, does it have the frame as well?
  4. AmyS

    Snow cab

    Sorry to be a pain; I can get to the classified but I don't see how to post a wanted add.
  5. AmyS

    Snow cab

    Ok, thanks a lot. Not sure how to get there though. Just signed up on here.
  6. AmyS

    Snow cab

    I'm looking for a snow cab for a 416 at a reasonable price.