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  1. Finally got my hitch installed. Ready for the Fathers day pulls!.
  2. Jayme

    Great forum!

    So I've added a few things since I last posted. Just waiting on my new pulling hitch from Tom and I'll be ready to go.
  3. Jayme

    Great forum!

    Almost ready for the pulls!. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to someone who makes a good adjustable pulling hitch for my 312-8. Thanks.
  4. Jayme

    Great forum!

    Thank you all for the kind words. Its been a lot of fun so far!.
  5. Jayme

    Great forum!

    Thanks!. The 20 hrs is real. It was used for a very short time, my buddy bought it used years ago and it was left behind due to his many other projects. I bought it w/18.
  6. Jayme

    Great forum!

  7. Jayme

    Great forum!

    Hi. I recently found a 1987 312-8 in a friends barn that had been sitting forever. I plan on joining my local pulling club this year and having some fun. I have cleaned it up and added a few mods but still need a hitch and a few other things. Thanks to this site I have found a lot of useful info.