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  1. classiccat

    1981 Wheel Horse C85

    Hi Jim H, welcome to Red Square! I assume you mean a rebuild kit for the K181. I haven't actually done a full tear-down of the engine (only the upper half). I ordered all gaskets/hardware piece-by-piece from wherever I could find it (amazon, fleabay, partstree, etc.). I'm a little picky when it comes to head gaskets... make sure they have a compression ring. The 1st one (OEM!) didn't have it. The Stens one (465-310) I ordered did...go figure! It already has a 0.030" piston in it. Fortunately it only smokes at start-up...probably due in large part from me using 5W30 syn.
  2. classiccat

    Saved a one owner B-80

    Outstanding condish!! Way to jump on the opportunity!
  3. classiccat

    Poa Annua

    I also have some to deal with (probably always there but I educated myself this spring...I bit of me wishes I hadn't; ignorance was bliss! ). Since it's an annual, my plan is to pluck the seed heads and apply preemergent late-summer/early-fall (before soil temps dip below 70 degrees) and a 2nd preemergent application in late fall. I'll avoid the PE on areas that I have to re-seed. I also have some Poa Trivialis (perennial )...that I've been hand-pulling (somewhat in denial that I'll have to torch those patches with glyphosate down the road.)
  4. classiccat

    My K91T runs!

    Nice job getting her purring again! +1 on what 953 said... I'd also give the float a shake when you have it apart again; it may have a pinhole preventing it from shutting-off the fuel.
  5. classiccat

    Wheel horse C-175 from grandfather.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Your grandfather had great taste in tractors... as well as preventative maintenance schedules! gorgeous machine!
  6. that thing wasn't even breathing heavy. no problemo!
  7. classiccat

    Trunk Tractor

    if it were a wheel horse, he could've pulled the car home instead
  8. classiccat


    Keep it ...for stealth missions!!!
  9. Sheesh... that BigD needs its own zip code Eric!! Does it even fit on your lift?
  10. Very stunning in her Sunday best! the only thing better... ... would be a video of it!
  11. classiccat

    Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    +1 on the helicoil... perfect time to do it since the head is off.
  12. classiccat

    I go commando

    you definitely gave it the senior try! Good luck on the repower! 17hp...that should boogie!
  13. classiccat

    1965 John Deere At Auction

    23:29 is where the segment starts.
  14. classiccat

    best book for Wheel Horse history? Price?

    ". I don't want to see people selling them at ridiculous prices on Ebay so that was another reason for the lower production number."