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  1. Steelspinner76

    First wheelhorse project

    well i very carefully took it up and down the drive seems to have all 3 gears and reverse no crazy noises from the trans but it needs a new dust boot that i have on the way. I think i will clean it and see how it looks. freed up the choke and throttle. cold as it is here she fired on the second pull after sitting. can't ask for better than that. now where can i find a wheelhorse keychain for the ignition key.
  2. Steelspinner76

    Points setting.

    set initial gap with a feeler gauge then time with a light to fine tune. a lot of the old kohlers run a lot better dynamically timed than static time the gap setting was for a nice new motor with unworn parts and points plunger and cam. Most of em aren't spring chickens anymore. look for the S mark before the T mark on the flywheel s mark should be dead center of the sight hole when doing timing with the light.
  3. Steelspinner76

    First wheelhorse project

    having a big internal debate on weather to do a full restore with paint and all or try to keep the old original look. There are some spots that will need attention eithier way. And childhood memories of shiny red wheelhorse tractors in the local store are what make me want to put it back that way. once i can clean it off with the pressure washer i will make a decision i guess. if i do i am going to see if my main source for powdercoat colors has a good match for the original wheel horse wheel color.
  4. Steelspinner76

    First wheelhorse project

    Update Got the carb back on checked the oil changed the plug and the old girl started on a couple pulls. got a good engine now on to more tires are shot have 2 deerstones coming for the front tires. Friend might have some good rear tires that will fit. trans seems ok but back tires are so cracked I'm afraid to put weight on em
  5. Steelspinner76

    First wheelhorse project

    thanks for the welcomes and information everyone. I have been wrenching on old iron a long time but this is the first wheel horse. small engines is my day job so maybe i can help some other folks on here with technical questions. Tore the carb down last night and ultrasonic cleaned it and put a kit in it. Wasn't too bad inside bit of varnish and green but no white crusty stuff. might try to get out today and reinstall the carb.
  6. Just picked up a wheel horse 606 looks to be pretty complete someone has put a different cover on it and mounted a snow blower style electric start. but everything looks solid and the engine turns over. looking forward to bringing it back. Any things i should look out for on this model Weak points wear points ect Here is a pic as it is now just arriving home this morning .