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  1. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    I jumped the starter got it running turned out that the safety switch which I thought I went thoroughly threw was the problem you really have to bend it to work thinking the old rock hard foam in the seat wasn't flexing enough thanks again
  2. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    Awsome thanks
  3. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    Losing my mind tractor won't start all I get is clicking at the relay I had to wiggle the fuse and clean it when I got it to have power but today only clicking at rely getting 12 volts at starter but only 10.3 at the coil thinking it maybe that relay went bad from the bad fuse connection is that possible and yes I checked the seat sensor
  4. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    Thanks everyone came with 48in deck only used handful of times
  5. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    Thanks for the help unforuntly the snowblower attachment only stays up and for about 15 sec with the engine running.
  6. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    Hello new to the forum I just bought a 1997 520h with 387 hrs has a snowblower single stage and mower deck its in real good shape i think it just needs a little maintaince. Engine surges hopefully just needs a carb and tank cleaning. Headlights don t work and need to replace a idler sprocket on blower and possible have to replace the lift seal because the snowblower won't stay up it slowly lowers not sure if that's normal because if weight or needs to be fixed. Overall very happy I bought it I grew up using my father's 520h