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  1. Fireslayer

    520H axle needed

    Axle found and purchased. Thanks to all.
  2. Fireslayer


    Hey, new here but have been a Wheel Horse owner and tech for many years. Really enjoying all the info available here. I'm searching for a LH rear axle part # 108361 for a 520H with the Eaton hydrostatic transmission. I posted in the want ad section already with no luck yet. Axle was probably used in all 400/500 series hydros. Used or NOS will be fine. Thanks, Fireslayer.
  3. Fireslayer

    520H axle needed

    I'm trying to locate a 108361 axle for a 520H i'm working on in my shop. This is the LH rear axle as you're sitting on the tractor. I believe the same axle was used in all the 400 and 500 series hydro's with the Eaton Hydro on them. Please let me know if you have one for sale, price and shipping amount. I am located in Boone, NC 28607. Thanks for your help. Walter.