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  1. jajiu


    Wow, I belong to a few tractor sites and never seen anything like this! This is the best site on the web!
  2. With a little nice weather around, I'm doing some work on my and I just put new tires on the rear and just noticed a small leak from the hydraulic tank and would like to find some info on this. It is a manual dump and the is a 1977. I can find no markings on the loader, but was told when I bought the tractor that it is a Johnson. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  3. He must not have a shovel, or a back hoe.
  4. jajiu

    This Really upsets Me

    After marching in a Memorial Day parade in town one time and after the parade we went to the VFW and on the way I saw 3 Boy Scouts were walking dragging the flags they were carrying and I commented that they should Never drag the flag on the ground and should respect it. One of the parents yelled back I'll take care of my kids, mind you own business. I guess they don't teach much to the Scouts and the parents didn't learn much in school.
  5. That's what I did, printed both. Just for reference. Can't have too many papers with important info for my hobby.
  6. I like that wiring diagram, I printed it out for future use on my B-80. Thanks!
  7. jajiu

    New Member

    OK, lets see if I can do this, I took some pictures and now the hard part, loading here: I think I did it?
  8. jajiu

    New Member

    I'll see what I can do tomorrow about pictures. Even my local friends want pictures! Ya, it has a Johnson loader, not too familiar with them, but it works nice. I bought this from a guy who got it from an estate. The owner died at the age of 84 and mostly restored it. The tires are old and cracked and need replacement and it needs decals, but like I said, I just got it and will be assessing and looking for the things I need.
  9. jajiu

    New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome! In my other life, I have a Kubota with back hoe and a cab, but I needed something I could have some fun with. I also have a few hit and miss engines. My retirement is becoming very complex.
  10. jajiu

    New Member

    Hi All, Just bought a B-80 I believe is 1977 and was searching for others like me out there and found this forum. My B-80 has a Johnson Loader on it and is mostly restored. I'm looking forward to the Spring to enjoy it. When the weather gets better, I'll get some pictures and post them.