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  1. mlwheat

    520 xi shutting down

    I am pleased to report that I have replaced the ignition switch, and all is working properly again. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  2. mlwheat

    520 xi shutting down

    This afternoon, I switched the relays, to no avail. Next I will try replacing the ignition switch.
  3. mlwheat

    520 xi shutting down

    Thanks for all the feedback thus far. To summarize, it seems that there are 5 possible culprits: 1. Seat Switch 2. Brake Pedal Switch 3. PTO Switch 4. 3 Relays (Start-Kill-Interlock) 5. Ignition Switch My (amateurish) analysis thus far: 1. I neglected to inform you that I had bypassed the seat switch years ago by inserting a jumper wire. Yesterday, I removed the wire to see whether that had any effect. It did, the tractor would not start at all without it. I replaced the wire, and now the tractor will start again, although it continues to shut down. Thus, I don't think this switch is my problem. 2. The brake pedal switch seems to be working properly. The tractor cannot be started without depressing the pedal. Even if I keep it depressed, when I turn the key to start, and then release the key, the tractor stops running. Again, I don't think the brake switch is my problem. 3. As for the PTO switch, the tractor will not start unless it the PTO button is depressed. If I start the tractor and keep the key in the start position, then pull the PTO button, the snow thrower starts to run for a split second, but then the tractor shuts down again. This switch seems to be working properly, although I guess I can't be certain. 4. I haven't yet tried switching the relays to try to determine if one is bad, but I will do so momentarily. 5. The ignition switch was replaced a few years ago, but it could have gone bad in the interim. I realize that problems like this sometimes need a "trial and error" approach. However, if I find that the relays seem to be ok, then I will replace the ignition switch. If then I still have the same problem, I will report back. Thanks again, Mike
  4. This morning I tried to use my 520 xi to clear my driveway. It has a two-stage snow thrower attachment. The engine started just fine, but when I released the key, the engine kept shutting down. I discovered that if I held the key in the Start position, it continued to run. However, if I then lifted my foot off the brake pedal (must be depressed to start engine), it would shut down. I'm guessing that perhaps the ignition switch has a problem or one of the safety shutoffs is engaging. The ignition switch was replaced a couple of years ago, so it shouldn't be defective, but I've tried every available easy fix, with no luck. Any suggestions?