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  1. KC9KAS


    @Jim anderson to Nice looking tractor!
  2. KC9KAS

    Hydraulic lift wait time

    @RLB to The fluid just needs time to warm up! I have a 520 and it just needs time to warm!
  3. KC9KAS

    Synthetic oil?

    @Tankman Sounds like the government bought a freight trail load of Texaco 30 W oil!
  4. KC9KAS

    Fitting big wheels to a C series

    @meadowfield. Looks good. You have your own lathe don't you? Always amazed me what a good machinist can do with their tools!
  5. KC9KAS

    Dragged home a Work Horse

    @cleat That should turn out to be a good deal!
  6. KC9KAS

    42" deck rebuild

    Sand blast to clean it up, weld any holes/cracks then use
  7. KC9KAS

    What’s your puller

    I pull the youngens around in a wagon behind any Wheel Horse I own! I know that isn't the answer you were looking for, but I am not a "garden tractor puller" participant, although I do get a kick out of watching them! I also have watched (and enjoyed) garden tractor demolition derby....but most were NOT good GT's to begin with!
  8. KC9KAS

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    @WildmanC120 Is the front muffler close enough to the belt to cause damage, or is it an optical confusion?
  9. KC9KAS

    What’s your puller

    @FlirtationFarms to
  10. KC9KAS

    engine parts supplier

    @C160 to
  11. KC9KAS

    New tires - Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

    Very aggressive looking tire!
  12. It is too bad the town I live in doesn't do this! They make 1 pass in each direction with a 8' plow! I widen the street for 4 blocks around my house and in front of the VFD garage from yard to yard!
  13. @ebinmaine I took a 42" plow and added 6" to each side, making a 54" plow and I used it with my GT-14 with inside the wheel wheel weights. I could also use this with my 520 H, but currently have a 48" on it and am ready for possible snow overnight!