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  1. KC9KAS

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Bought & sold a few that look that nice for $300-$500
  2. The local scouts, band members and everyone else selling "Fund Raiser" merchandise get a very, very small portion of the actual cost of the item. If you were to make a $10 donation to them directly they would make $10, not a measly 5%!
  3. KC9KAS

    Are All Key Switch Brands The Same?

    As said above...most switches (and everything else) is made overseas. That being said, just make sure what ever you buy has the correct number of terminals and is made for your GT system, i.e., battery OR magneto ignition.
  4. KC9KAS

    Grease Fitting

    I imagine you can put a grease fitting anywhere that you can successfully tap threads. It is bound to make less squeaking and work smoother!
  5. KC9KAS

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I think they also had a "HUSKY" jeans....I was a little pudgy is grade school!
  6. KC9KAS

    Sears Bankruptcy

    Sears started out as a "mail order" company. As technology progressed we all became "mail order" buyers, but it became Email/Internet buyers, thus Sears lost business. Also, as time passed, Sears quality went down,
  7. KC9KAS

    New around here!

    @ZXT to
  8. KC9KAS

    520 not charging battery properly

    Very good possibility. Are all the connections clean & tight?
  9. KC9KAS

    new member

    @rick martin to Clean & rebuild the carb 1st and go from there!
  10. KC9KAS

    Dump valve stuck

    You may have to remove the tire and get ahold of the valve shaft with a pair of vise grips to turn it...or even do like the GT-14...loosen the jam nut.
  11. My wife has a vinyl cutter (attached to computer) that she makes all kinds of things on. She has made several WH shirts for me an a GILSON themed shirt for her. She just finished up a bunch of items for my daughters wedding....taking place later today.