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  1. KC9KAS


    Or full of garden tractors!
  2. KC9KAS

    Spark plug wires

    @HJPhillips to
  3. KC9KAS

    ThE NeW WhEeLhOrSe GuY

    @Bo$$ton to
  4. KC9KAS

    Snow blade replacement

    @dandan111 Not sure where in Indiana you are at, but I have a couple of blades we could discuss.
  5. KC9KAS

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    I just had a taste of deer bacon....doesn't have to be cooked and tasted like deer bologna.
  6. KC9KAS

    Throttle Cable issue

    I don't have a photo, but I used a small vise grip!
  7. KC9KAS

    New to wheel horse,need help

    @Searssuburbanguy to
  8. KC9KAS

    Scored this 310-8

    Nice! "Good things come to those that wait"!
  9. KC9KAS

    Snow in Greencastle, Indiana today!

    @Lane Ranger We got 3" of snow overnight, but with above freezing temps all day, the roads are all clean and the drive has melted. I didn't even fire up a tractor! The older I get, the less I want to plow this crap!
  10. KC9KAS

    Johnny bucket jr on 1075?

    @cosmikdebris to
  11. KC9KAS

    Wheelhorse D-160

    @reeman-uk Sounds good. The youngster looked to having a good time with the
  12. KC9KAS

    520H Possibly not charging?

    @TC10284 You should see a voltage around 13.6--14 VDC while the engine is running almost WOT.
  13. KC9KAS

    Mower deck question

    I believe I have that deck (almost new) that I would love to sell. It was sold to a family member for a B-80, but I found out it was for a vertical shaft