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  1. mgk20181

    engine over revs intermittently

    yes it definitely was a governor problem. it had a plastic fly ball spacer which loosened up on the shaft so it was allowed to spin. got it fixed with the help of boomer. thanks for all the great replies and info mgk
  2. thank you for the info. where do i find this part on the engine and how do i get at it?

    thanks again.

    1. WVHillbilly520H


      Look on here in the manuals section for the Onan service manual, download that, it will much easier to follow than me trying to explain it, but it is located under the carburetor/air cleaner and behind the flywheel cover if you follow the linkages on the carb the lever (with springs) that you can push easily without using the throttle control is the governor arm, Jeff.


  3. mgk20181

    engine over revs intermittently

    Hi I have a 520 HC wheel horse with a 20 Hp Onan. Problem is that whether blowing snow, mowing, or tilling the engine will run at the proper RPM's (3600 i'm told) and then all of a sudden it will speed way up so i have to shut it down. it has gotten way up over 4000 before i have caught it. And as i said it only does it intermittently. can anyone help me with this? thanks