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  1. XStag

    Serial Number to ID Model

    Thanks for the reply and the info. Almost got it up and going , I've got the engine running great not a bit of smoke and idles down great , I've got a snow blower and working on a mowing deck for it , rewired it and working on flushing and filling the transmission ,
  2. I recently acquired an old round hood Wheel Horse tractor It has an 8 HP Kohler engine but it is most likely not original to the tractor it has a key with a starter button a square seat pan and a Serial # on the shift pattern sticker of 62- 23486 any ideas ?
  3. A friend of mine just had a custom Wheel Horse sign made by a  sign shop he use to work for in Buffalo . NY  he took them the fixture and they made the sign part with an old Wheel horse Dealer's name it turned out great . 

  4. XStag

    Wheel Horse 800 Special Wiring Harness

    Will, I'm helping a friend clean out an old mower shop that was a Wheel Horse dealer years ago there are a couple of 800 Specials there one has no rear end and it is available for parts . You can call me at 716 481-6572