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  1. etohio

    k341 problem

    The Saga Continues. I was sure the guy I bought this from was knowledgeable but not too sure now. I was working with the mounting bolts and just checked the oil to see how it looked. No oil or very very little oil. I have not run it much just enough to get it on and off the truck and up the drive. I am not too sure of this engine now. The good thing is my friend had a C-160 that was basically just for parts. He wants the trans but gave me the complete engine and some parts that my 160 is missing. I will rebuild this engine and find a home for the one that the tractor came with. Thanks for all the help guys, though I probably gave too much for the tractor I am having fun with it and that is what counts. Ed
  2. etohio

    k341 problem

    Thank you! Ed
  3. etohio

    k341 problem

    The front mount is threaded but the rear looks like it has a snapped bolt it it. I might be able to use a easy out but my luck with them is not good. Any idea what size and thread the mounting bolt should be and how long? Ed
  4. etohio

    k341 problem

    Here are some pictures. If I am looking at this correctly the worst is that I have to replace the oil pan. It appears that there are no bolts mounting the right side of the engine also I think this is a C-160 but I could be wrong. Is the oil pan taped for the mounting on the right or does it go through to the block? I really do appreciate any help. I have always loved Wheel Horses and I just jumped in. The tractor came with a nice deck and it does look OK I am just a little frustrated but it will work out. Ed
  5. etohio

    k341 problem

    I will take some pictures so that you guys can see what I am talking about. Maybe it can be repaired if not I will part it out. Ed
  6. etohio

    k341 problem

    I just bought a c-160 and the bottom line is I just did not know what I was doing. The problem is I noticed the engine had been changed but it looked ok and it was a k341. I got it home and noticed a lot more vibration than I thought it should have. The tag on the tractor says c-161 and I saw a post on the differences between 160 and 161 so I started investigating ( I know I should of done it first) the gas tank is on the tower and the battery is behind the engine but the engine has what i think is the large oil pan and it is mounted with 2 bolts with the right hand mounting holes with nothing in them since they are outside the frame. Do I need to find a small oil pan? Does the small oil pan mount directly to the frame? there are what look like mounting holes that might line up. Any ideas would be a great help Please don't laugh too hard.......