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  1. hoghead04

    416-8 resurrection

    I appreciate everyone's comments and advice. You guys are going to be my wisdom and motivation to see this through! The weather has been awful here in western MD and I would like to see a decent warmer day to get to work on this horse. I thought maybe I should wait until above freezing temps to give her a crank. Anxiously waiting
  2. hoghead04

    1988 520h Wheel Horse, 48 inch deck, runs great

    Hello. Is the 520H still available? Thanks
  3. hoghead04

    416-8 resurrection

    Ok guys. I have an update. The hours meter is 161 not 61 and I checked the serial number and it turns out to be a 1990 model. I just ran up to my sisters' garage and checked it out. I stored it there 3 years ago. Before that it was under a tarp outside. What a shame! I'm gonna get some pics up for everyone before I get started. Gotta get some filters and oil. I welcome all suggestions on brand and weight. I won't turn her over until I get new fluids in her. It's funny, I own a 1984 JD 430 and 2013 X300 but I am more excited about my dad's rusty Ole wheelhorse. Thank you again for your enthusiasm!
  4. hoghead04

    416-8 resurrection

    Thank you all. Excellent advice!
  5. hoghead04

    416-8 resurrection

    I certainly will Jim. I'm no mechanic by any means and have not worked with an Onan myself. I appreciate your input.
  6. hoghead04

    416-8 resurrection

    Thanks Jim. Will do. I'm gettin horse fever and really want to hear this Onan roar again. It ran great and has the 42"RD deck which mowed beautifully. Been long overdue
  7. hoghead04

    416-8 resurrection

    Hi guys! I'm a newbie here. I have a 1993 I believe, 416-8. It hasn't ran in about 10 years. My dad shut it off one day and when he tried to start it back up it wouldn't fire. Its a 16hp Onan with 61 hours on the meter. Yes 61 hours. I want to bring this baby to life so I may need some advice from time to time. Its missing a little paint here and there and a little rusty but still has life. I'll get some pics up soon. I have a new battery to install and the project begins. Thanks for looking!