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  1. David Portenier

    Plow On

  2. David Portenier

    44" 2 stage blower

    Holy Moly that paint job is stellar!!!!!!!!!!
  3. David Portenier

    Two Stage Anti-Sway Bar

    Hello all, I recently acquired a two-stage blower and started the process of putting it on my 520h. Everything is going by the book with the exception of the anti-sway bar. It seems like it wont line up with the holes in which it is suppose to line up with on the tractor. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  4. David Portenier

    Snowplow install question...

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello all, Would a snowplow on a B80 work on a 520h? I have the chance to purchase the plow for my 520h....but its being used on a b80 and want to make sure it will work. Thanks! Dave Portenier
  6. David Portenier

    Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    Bearing replaced with no issues!!!! Can't thank you guys enough!
  7. David Portenier

    Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    THANK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will start working on it this week....and will let you know how it goes!!! Might re-paint the whole thing while I'm at it haha Dave Portenier
  8. David Portenier

    Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    I took the four bolts out on the sides of the blower as you can see in the picture. I just dont know how to get the whole auger out so I can access the bearing.
  9. Hello all, I am in need of some assistance. I recently purchased a Two-Stage Snow-thrower....and one of the bearings on the end of the auger needs replaced. I just don't know how to remove the auger in order to get to the old bearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dave Portenier.
  10. David Portenier

    2 stage blower knocking

    @WV Hillbilly Do you still know/have the part number for the cam lock bearing you installed on your 2-stage? I am thinking of doing that to mine.
  11. David Portenier

    2 stage blower knocking

    Holy Moly!!!! Thanks for all the info guys!!!!!!!! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  12. David Portenier

    2 stage blower knocking

    Thanks for the replies!!!.....I had my twin sit on the tractor and engage the belt while I listening from the front and pinpoint the sound.....the knocking sound is coming from the right auger on the end near the frame of the blower. Would that be a bad bearing in the auger?? Thanks!
  13. David Portenier

    2 stage blower knocking

    Can someone please give me guidance of why my 2 stage blower is making a knocking sound when engaged and running?? Thanks all! Dave Portenier
  14. I will take the blanket, please let me know a payment method. Thanks!
  15. Hello! I emailed you in regards to a part you have listed for sale. The part number is 116906 and its a lift part for the two stage snowblower. 

    I also emailed your picture of it with it circled. 


    Thank you for your time!


    Dave Portenier