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  1. wha

    60" deck for 520-H

    I will be in St. Louis on the 29th can you message me a # I can get in touch with you . Thanks WHA
  2. How negotiable is the price. I will be coming through there on the 29th and could pick up.
  3. I just installed a 36" wheel horse tiller on my 520h, The belt seems to want to ride about half way off the front idler/ tensioning pully. Dose anyone know how to align this.
  4. wha

    Restored Wheel Horse Raider 12 Pictures Finally

    Ok I will be looking for that hardware. I think I would like that better. Thanks
  5. wha

    Restored Wheel Horse Raider 12 Pictures Finally

    I have. I'm having problems finding the electric pto clutch.
  6. wha

    Restored Wheel Horse Raider 12 Pictures Finally

    I'm Just starting a raider 12 project . hope mine turns out as nice as yours.
  7. wha


    I'm looking for an electric pto clutch for raider 12
  8. wha


    Dose anyone where I can get the electric pto clutch for a raider 12
  9. wha


    its a 1972 model. I really need the electric clutch breakdown. Thanks and its great being here. Been wanting one for 30 yrs.
  10. wha


    New to wheel horse. Dose anyone know where to get a service manual for a raider 12?