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  1. Bill

    48" snow/dozer blade

    Changed Status to Closed Sold
  2. Bill

    36" deck

    Ok mike got ya if Russ doesn't take it
  3. Bill

    36" deck

    36" mower deck good shape
  4. 48' snow blade long frame
  5. Bill


    Yep I also am getting emails from one user here.. I ended up just blocking that email.. if he wants to get a hold of me he can pm me here..
  6. Bill

    Job at toro

    bet ya it's Snow white right in your town Jason :hide:
  7. Bill

    Stevebo's New Horse Hauler ....

    Yeah Good luck with that Steve, I had the same truck that my company gave me in 1996 and in 1998 GM put a new motor in it for us at there cost.. I really wasn't happy at all with it. In that 2 yrs it was at the dealer more then it was with me
  8. Bill

    Zagary farm spring show

    Zagary Farms in Colchester CT. is having there spring show the weekend of May 7th.. Our club will be Pulling there on the 7th.. Registration is at 10am pull starts at 11 if any of you CT or Ma guys are Interested..
  9. Bill

    Assembly Lube

    I use slick-50 for assembly lube on all the engs I redo :thumbs:
  10. Did anyone in CT buy that 417-A that was listed in New haven CL listing in Ansonia CT this week??
  11. Bill

    pullin hitch and wheelie bars

    Check E-bay, there was a guy on there last year selling pullin hitches
  12. Bill

    Kohler Points

    Yes.. My wifes says I must own stock in the company in the amount of money I spend there for my cub puller :thumbs:
  13. Bill

    Kohler Points

    Sorry Bob, MWSC is Midwest super cub.. http://midwestsupercub.net/ They have an online Catalog and if you look under K series you will find the points bracket and cover.. BTW for your stock Eng.. you don't have to use the $46.00 32 oz accel points that they have listed, you can just go to you local nappa and get std. chevy points
  14. Bill

    Kohler Points

    You can go to MWSC and get the Bracket to switch over to Chevy points for $17.95 and the new cover for $6.65. they work great, and so much easier to Adj. the points now..