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  1. Rugerhound

    Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    Every time I see photos like this, I'm reminded why I moved to Arizona! I grew up in the northeast, so those photos are familiar ground to me.
  2. Rugerhound

    C101 New to me Question?

    I too have been known to install a "normally closed contact" on a permissive switch!
  3. I used to drive a '64 Rambler Wagon many many years ago. It ran fine when the sun was out, but rain, snow or a dark cloud pass by, the thing would quit. I discovered that spraying some WD40 around the distributor, ignition coil and plug wires would get it to run. If you have a short in your ignition switch, you might try some WD 40! It makes a mess, but it does a FINE job of displacing moisture! It might give you a clue as to where your trouble is. As The Gman said, the thing looks VERY wet. Best regards, Pete
  4. Rugerhound

    Seat Time Again

    What a handsome machine!! I was born & raise down the road from you... Bangor! Great photos!
  5. Rugerhound

    Another one followed me home

    What a beauty!!
  6. Rugerhound

    Wheel horse clock

    What a fantastic job!!
  7. Garry, Unfortunately I can find info on the yellow connector, but not the white one that is common to the 3/5 Amp dual element stator. Looks like a Molex connector of some sort, and I can buy the harness with the one end on it. But finding the complete connector & pins has been (so far) elusive!! Thanks for that download however! It's got good info in it. Regards, Pete
  8. Thanks for the tip on the clearance light! Never gave them a thought.. Best regards, Pete
  9. Greetings! I have a non-Wheel Horse tractor (Craftsman 14 HP Briggs OVH) , but the part appears to be common to the Briggs & Stratton Engine rather than a Craftsman part. (See the photo - The connector and pins I need are circled in blue) I also have a 1977 Wheel Horse A-100 that needs a tail light lens & bulb. (A complete tail light assy would be fine!) Anyone got any idea what the Peterson part number is for the tail light for the model I have? Thanks!! Regards, Pete
  10. Rugerhound

    I may not get this one home.

    That IS a beauty!!
  11. Rugerhound

    New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    Well, ... Thanks to all the great information that was provided to me, I got the ole WH up and running with the mower functional for the 1st time in heaven-only-knows how long! It ain't purdy yet, but that sucker will cut a mess of grass! Got some more fiddling around to get the mower adjusted properly, but it's running really well ! I will have some pix and maybe a video posted soon! Thanks to all! Regards, Pete
  12. Rugerhound

    New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    Ok... Got the ignition switch to shut off the engine! The "white" unterminated wire is actually a GREEN unterminated wire when it wasn't all faded from sitting in the sun! Spent a half hour or so ringing out circuits with a multi meter, and presto! The faded green wire showed continuity with the green wire on the ignition switch, and needed to ground on the same lug that the little black (blue?) wire from the Magneto grounds on. One of these days I'm actually gonna be able to cut grass with this contraption! Many thanks to all the help, and the great forum! I've been able to dig up all kinds of nuggets here! Best regards, Pete
  13. Rugerhound

    New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    That's a beauty! Mine's got a ways to go before she looks that good! Regards, pete
  14. Rugerhound

    New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    Finally!! More heat, more Aerokroil, and more busted knuckles, but no pulley movement! Soooo... I could see that I had just enough room to slip a hacksaw blade in there and after some bouts with the saw, presto! Now it's parts ordering time.... Regards, Pete
  15. Rugerhound

    New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    Garry - The deck is a mess... The spindle won't turn and the pulley is completely hosed. It's off the machine, and was when I picked it up. I tried to get the spindle to turn before I attempted to remove the pulley and it would have no part of it! I'll thrash with it a bit more before I call in the big guns! Regards, Pete