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  1. diesel life

    Wheel horse or other???

    Ok thank you guys for the replies i will pass them along, so come to find out in the basement is a cultivator and the actual unit itself. My father in law told me tonight, he just didnt know that it all went togather. So what would ine if these be worth?? I will try and grab some pictures tomorrow
  2. So my inlaws bought a new house and this sicle bar was in the garage. Does anybody know if it goes to a wheel horse or what it goes to??? It has a shaft that comes back and is chain driven and has a pulley and a belt to drive the chan off of the motor. Any help is appreciated.
  3. diesel life

    Deck finish

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated
  4. diesel life

    Deck finish

    Thanks for the feedback guys, i had thought about using por15 on the underside then priming and spraying the top with bedliner and then spraying the red and seeing how long that last... also guys what red color best matches the wheel horse red???
  5. diesel life

    Deck finish

    Wow man than stuff has held up real well even with your accident....
  6. diesel life

    Deck finish

    Hey guys just wandering if anyone has ever had there deck powder coated?? Just got a deck and am sanding it down but thought that maybe powder coat would last longer than the paint. Any input is welcomed thanks in advance...
  7. diesel life

    Deck fitment

    that you are right I havent even drove my 520 yet just started her and let her run some but i cant wait to get out there and work her like she was meant to be...... All my dad did with it was mowe...... BORING I will use it the way it was meant to be......
  8. diesel life

    Deck fitment

    yeah more seat time but also my yard really isnt that big I just like having the riding mower to push dirt and gravel around when im doing projects and keeping the driveway looking good......
  9. diesel life

    Deck fitment

    Sweet thank you much sir
  10. diesel life

    Deck fitment

    Hey guys need some help, my 520h came witha 60" deck that is way to big for my yard but i got the moeer from my dad for free so i took it, question is i know a guy with a c-125 with i think a 48" deck will it mount up to my 520h??? Thanks guys i searched but didnt find much..
  11. diesel life


    Here she is fellas, she is a bit dirty started cleaning her up but its been too darn cold the past 2 weeks i think the last 2 weeks we havent cracked 20 degrees mostly in the negatives and im on 3-11 for another week so when it warms up a bit i will clean her up more and get some better pics.
  12. diesel life


    so would a 60" deck for a 42-48" and the plow set up be a good deal for both sides??? not wanting to RIP anybody off
  13. diesel life


    thanks fellas eager to learn, and yes i was hoping to trade for a smaller deck and a grader blade for the 60".. hey man HOOSIER NATION!!!! thanks for the manual also
  14. diesel life


    thanks guys hope this site helps me when I need it, didn't figure I would have trouble getting rid of the 60" deck but need to trade it for a 42-48" deck found some on ebay but man those are pricy but they also had a 60" on ebay for like $899 and mine is in better shape than that one. I will try and get some pictures up in the morning she is a bit dirty she has been in the barn for 3 years with hay and birds coming in and out when the doors are open
  15. diesel life


    Hello guys, My name is Josh I live in west central Indiana and am totally new to the wheel horse. I just picked up my 1996 i believe 520h from my dad who bought a new zero turn 3 years ago and decided to part with the wheel horse, it has been kept in the heated pole barn ever since he has had it since probably 2000. its a 1996 520h 20hp onan with 700 hrs on the gauge 60" deck. the tractor is in imaculate shape but the deck has got to go as i do not need that big of a deck. so i look forward to learning about the wheel horse and enjoying it, it wont just mowe it will plow snow grade my driveway and whatever else in need it to do...