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  1. Nice Score, Just build the wife a she shed for her favorite hobby.....
  2. I'll trade some of you guys....Been trying to find someone for two years who will cut down several trees but thankfully I have the budget. Started to wire my shed for 220 and found out I will need to replace an outdated and possible fire hazard Zinsco meter base along with about $500 of service entrance wire and all the extras........
  3. Ok, didn't want to get flamed for starting a new topic on this discussion but seeking hopefully last questions and closing thoughts and on my wheel and tire quest. I came back today and re-read your comments which Is helping me on my final choice but: 1) Can I mount 12" wide AG and up to what ply on a 10" wide aluminum wheel? If so, will the rear end hold up to these tires? 2) Could I get a 6.50" wide tire to stay mounted to a 7" wide aluminum Wheel with proper inflation and no bead lock?
  4. Hey Richard, hope you are fairing well up in the foot hills of North Cackalacky. No they don't make a matching pair but I I was toying with the idea of Vogel MFg on the rear. What do you think? I addition I'm toying wit the Idea of a "Concept" mod of the body if I can get my CAD software to trace my brainstorm project.
  5. As homer Simpson would say Doup Sorry, It was Opinions. Forgot to proof read before hitting the submit button....
  6. SteveK440

    Hey Vern!

    Thats about as funny as when I saw Foghorn leg Horn decides to be a step dad to a book smart chicken "what you got in the test tube son? (shaking it up) Watch it fizz..........Kaboom!
  7. Toying withe the Idea of adding front hubs and these aluminum golf cart rims to my mower but wonder if they can withstand front load of the mower. Was thinking of reinforcing by welding wheel spacers to the back side of the hub forks if possible. What do you guys think?
  8. Hey Sarge, Was doing some old post reading this week-end and ran across one write up you did two years ago on replacing spindle and hubs for your tractor which gave me a few ideas for mine. What really Impressed me was your Tig Welding dolly! I'm thinking of getting a 180 amp Mig for some projects around the house and I was playing devils advocate in my mind with your design for me but could only find two minor flaws. The thing I like the most is I could tote your design across uneven terrain without dumping my load!
  9. God Bless Him and you and you Guys on this form that served our country!
  10. SteveK440

    New to me truck

    Mine has gray Interior and I'm glad I found one this color due to I work in a dirty environment. Started to buy a two tone Blue with Black Fender Flares and Taupe color Interior but glad I waited for what I have now. I felt like that truck was design more for a woman who wants a truck plus I don't like black plastic when it fades.
  11. SteveK440

    New to me truck

    Nice ride, I bought a 07 taco two years ago in that color and love it. The only problem I have is mine is holds more value than other trucks that I have to pay more on taxes.....
  12. SteveK440

    Some Drawings

    Hi T-Mo, I was wondering if I could ask for some assistance on Using CAD? I'm using a Linux version called Free CAD and wish to trace Jpeg images of different body parts and import them to a new work area. In addition, I wish to shrink to fit all my tracing if needed to fit. I can get the Jpeg image imported to my work area but can't get it to trace. I understand you may be using a different version of CAD but I know they should operate simular.
  13. SteveK440

    Win10 pro 64

    Your Professor makes good sense, stick with him. He is correct about some programs will not work with linux but there are work arounds. I'm currently learning a Linux program called free CAD. In addition, I'm currently trying to find a Linux program that can program my Uniden Radio Scanner. What I would do is take an inventory of what you wish to do with your computer and Google if Linux will fit your needs. Second don't be scared about learning loading Linux applications from a command line prompt if the time comes. You can always copy the instructed command from your web browser (using your mouse) and paste it to the Linux command line prompt to speed up time and avoid errors.
  14. SteveK440

    Win10 pro 64

    I'm using Linux Mint Debian edition on a old dell Optiplex 745 dual core with Firefox and love it! Plenty of online community support, updates itself, can run most Windows programs, and not a memory pig if you have at least 2 gig. Bill Gates got plenty of funding from me when I tried to learn MSCE! Oh and here is a tip, want to enlarged wording on your Monitor? Press the Crtl. Button (left of your keyboard) and the "+" button (located right of your keyboard at the number pad) at the same time. To decrease use the crtl key and the "-" button.