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  1. jag19551

    520H New Member

    Thanks for your help guys! This website and the people on it are unbelievable. Thanks for the pic of the chain routing. Looks like a quick trip to TSC should put me back in business before the next snow storm. Our driveway is 400 yards. Having the 520H and the support of the Wheel House Forum has been a lifesaver this past year. Jeff
  2. jag19551

    520H New Member

    Just broke my 1st drive chain on my 42" Wheel Horse Snow Blower. Doe anyone have a manual on the chain and sprocket replacement. The operating and maintenance instructions don't have anything included. Jeff
  3. jag19551

    520H 42" RD for a 48" SD

    I have a 42 in rear deck in very good condition that I'm looking to trade for a 48" deck in good shape. My Tractor is a 1998 520H.
  4. jag19551

    Wanted: 48" Mower Deck for 1998 520H

    Any recommendations to where I can locate a 48" Mower Deck or a good rebuild shop in the Allentown area would be helpful.
  5. jag19551

    Wanted: 48" Mower Deck for 1998 520H

    It's time to start looking for a 48" mower deck for my 1998 520H. The housing has been repaired a few times already. I have an addition 42 in Rear discharge in very good shape, but would like to find another 48 deck in good shape.
  6. jag19551

    520H New Member

    Thanks for the quick response and your help! The very best! Jeff
  7. jag19551

    520H New Member

    Hi All, I just joined the forum today. I recently moved to the Allentown, PA area, and purchased a 1988 Wheel Horse 520H with 48" deck. Great tractor! It also came with a 42 in deck and snow blower. I paid $1200 for everything. I'm in need of the following: Service Manual any tips on locating a refurbished 48" mower deck and what it should cost. Thanks for your help! Jeff