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  1. Oldcpecdr

    What is it?

    Here's a Wonderboy, maybe they changed the frame design ? Mike B
  2. Oldcpecdr

    Trailer tuesday

    Been using the C-120 for mowing, my first use of the B-80 as a worker. Can you believe that's ONE workbench,,,previous owner built that in the basement fifty years ago.. I procrastinated last 20 taking it out .... My original plan was to fluff and puff and paint the Wheelhorse.... I am now beginning to appreciate the well cared for patina !!!!
  3. Oldcpecdr

    Ignition 5 pin connector and harness

    Thanks ! Ordered today, seems a whole lot easier than five individual spade connectors...... Mike B
  4. Hi all I see several five pin connectors with leads attached labeled as "standard" on both EBay and the Amazon... is my B-100 a "standard" 5 pin ? Layout appears the same and for 12 bucks seems like a good fix. Thanks Mike B
  5. Oldcpecdr

    Rear Fender Pan installed -ready to mow !!!

    Which one is correct ?
  6. Got to work on the C-100 8 speed over the weekend...Only real rust was on the rear fender pan. Luckily the previous owner sent a replacement along with the purchase. Changed it over Sunday and ,moved the seat back two inches and now I fit. I was surprised at just how bad the rear pan was with no rust anywhere else. I was about to toss the old pan but thought I should post pics and see if anyone needs one. Needs about a 8 x 10 patch welded in. Not needed by me as I had the spare but I have no idea of these are plentiful or not. If someone needs it it's free for the cost of shipping. I'll hang on to it for a few weeks and see if there is any need for it. Then I mowed with the Wheelhorse for the first time this afternoon... Wow what a great little machine. I'm used to my Bolens XL16 that overpowers the lawn... the Wheelhorse requires active participation and finesses the win... what a great little tractor. I have to tip my hat to the PO I charged the battery and turned the key and off we went.... all greased up , everthing already adjusted, fluids good , new paint and it would look new....maybe over the winter. then again something to be said for honest patina. Nest week I hope to fire up the Hydro C-100 and see how that works..... Great Forum here and glad it's available... Mike B
  7. Oldcpecdr

    How much HP for a Snowthrower

    I have a Hydro and an 8 speed.... thought I would leave the plow on the hydro and snowblower on the 8 speed ... best choice > Or I can look for "mo powah"
  8. Oldcpecdr

    How much HP for a Snowthrower

    Thanks for the info !!!! My 12hp Ariens works great but its not pushing a tractor around.... I'll go pick up the blower, clean it up and see how it mounts.. I'll try and get him to send me some pics to see if its one or two stage.. but can't be too picky for free (my favorite price)
  9. Finally going to use one of the Horses this weekend !!!! Neighbors are looking askance at the motley lawn. A friend has offered me a free snowthrower attachment.... will a 10 HP C100 or B100 have enough power to make it useful ? Or do I have to find a third Horse Mike B
  10. Oldcpecdr

    Seat Adjustment

    Thanks for the ideas !!! I'll whip up some extender brackets this weekend. Mike B
  11. Oldcpecdr

    Seat Adjustment

    Hey all My first of many questions !!!! I attached the plow and fired up the Hydro..... it really is a sweet machine. I'd like to put the seat back about two inches... is it sacrilege to just drill new mounting holes ? Should I make some extension brackets for the seat and NOT drill new holes ? Someone must have done this... suggestions ? And thanks... Mike B
  12. Oldcpecdr

    Pair of Horses- new to me

    Thanks for all the welcomes !!!! I put the plow on the C-100 hydro and of course no snow since...... but I'm ready lol......I did test it after mounting, cool little rig !!! Hope to make room in the shop for both of the WH's this weekend. They will enjoy the heat. Mike B
  13. Oldcpecdr

    Pair of Horses- new to me

    Thanks for all the welcomes !!!!! If we don't get buried in snow I'll try and get pics as I unload them and fire them up this weekend.... might have to use the plow !!!!! Snowbomb going off here all day tomorrow. Mike B
  14. Hi all Brand new member here.... I've been using my Bolens for the last thirty years but saw these last week and they were asking to come home with me... brother and sister Wheelhorses. A 1975 B100 8 speed and a 1975 C100 hydro... with a deck and a plow...the trailers appear to be older Harbor Freight bolt togethers but I'm sure someone will want them, nice size for a garden trailer. Brought them home New Years day... had a VERY crowded trailer... I'm sure I will have a lot of questions ...this looks like a fun and friendly and knowledgeable forum !!!!! Happy New Years all Mike B