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  1. Bexter207

    Electrical issue

    I did pull the block off so that I could wire that fuse holder in. I didn't see anything bridging on the back of it.
  2. Bexter207

    Electrical issue

    I went to VIP and grabbed this to test if it was just that. With this it should work correct?? I'm going to order one to replace this one. Just thought that this would work temporarily.
  3. Bexter207

    Electrical issue

  4. Bexter207

    Electrical issue

    So I was using my tractor 312 WH and it just all of a sudden died out. I first thought it ran out of fuel going to check that fuel was fine. So I made sure the line was clear and that fuel was able to get to the filter. I checked the spark plug change that out and check the oil which also looks fine. It acts like it wants to start but it won't stay running. When I check the fuses one of them was destroyed and actually melted into the fuse block. This is what it looked like below. I got a new fuse and a different fuse holder just to try to see if. Still nothing. I know it has to be something that was before that fuse that either overloaded it or that that fuse was messed up in that fuse holder somehow and it kept grounding out. when I got the tractor they told me it had a new battery in it but it was dying every now and then on me and I thought that was kind of weird so I assumed there was a loose ground somewhere. I don't know if it was in that fuse or not but it kind of makes sense due to the way that the fuse looks. I thought I'd try here first to see what any of you had for me to try. I mean I'm not scared of Chase and wires and try and things out I just thought of someone knew of something that I could check write-off and I would try. The wire color going to that fuse was purple or Violet which ever. Anyway any help is appreciated.
  5. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    It is the sprocket near the gear box i believe. I did not loosen that. I guess they had to weld a bracket to mount it on the blower. I was hoping I wasn't going to have to remove the blower. Thank you!
  6. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    Well I have an update everyone. It turns out the keyway for got sheared which made the set screws get worn. it is the key up by the chain. So I got the key and set screws ordered. The shop just told me they might not be able to pick it up till next week and we have another big storm coming in for Thursday. I'm thinking about trying my hand at it. From what I was told the hardest part will be removing the pulley. We will see how it goes. Have any of you ever had to replace that key? Any tips to try and make the process easier for me lol. in the picture it is the shaft behind the chain that is spinning.
  7. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    Yea, It was working great too! Love this little buggy!
  8. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    So I have a 312 Wheel Horse. I have the Snow Blower attached and it was working great. I was using it last night when all of a sudden I heard a bang up near the the blower. I quickly disengaged the PTO lifter the blower and backed up to see if I had hit something. After inspecting i found that i did not hit anything. So I started clearing out any snow I realized nothing was stuck and the shear pins were still good. The augers had the normal amount of play. So I fired it back up and tried to engage the pto again it kind of bogged down and stalled out the engine almost. So I drove it to where i had better light. I could not see anything wrong still so I decided to try to engage it one more time to see if I could see anything. Well it started throwing so I decided to test it out and it worked fine. Then as I was going along it just stopped throwing again. So I don't know what it is. I plan on taking a look at the gearbox when I get home to make sure that's all set. Just thought I would check to see if any of you have suggestions of what I could check.