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  1. peter lena

    Snow thrower conversion

    great pick up on that, now is your chance to detail its revival, my own experience is alignment issues and lubrication at every contact friction point, when you get it ,the ease and speed of operation is very good. the spring tension pulley frame, between blower and pto drive , should be lubricated so it can easily follow the spring tension, I regularly spray down auger chain and gear drive with LUBRIPLATE CHAIN AND CABLE SPRAY, BEFORE AND AFTER USE. IT STANDS UP AND IS MADE FOR EXTERME AREAS. I also get after the chute base lubrication for easy direction. just using it and watching how it works will leade you to making slight improvements on it, mine seamed to just shake off the sluggish operation with the detailing , an now it works with total ease and speed. good luck on it , pete
  2. peter lena

    Shifter boots needed # 3577

    some good deals above , your choice, use some grease on the shifter boot hole or shifter shaft to make installation very easy , pete
  3. peter lena

    310-8 no start with key

    last horse I picked up was loaded with neglect, my first swap was all new fuses , with dielectric grease on the tabs. that by itself stopped similar starting issues. if I were you ,I would also dump that old gas , change the gas filter, and regularly add STABIL GAS TREATMENT to it, that should be your base line on fuel.BERRYMAN B-12 CHEMTOOL at 3 $ a bottle is a very good deal at wally , that will steadily help clean out the grunge. hope your BIL helps in the recovery of this , these tractors are definitely worth saving , pete
  4. peter lena

    ThE NeW WhEeLhOrSe GuY

    hello Joe, I agree with whx21,on that fluid look around , that fluid leak is probably causing your reverse issue, with low fluid. you might even try some spray engine cleaner and a soft brush, then rinse it down. that oil leak could be pressure hose , from the way your unit is covered. you will have to clean it dry to find the source. the seat / fender removal is the best way to find your problem. mower deck looks a little grungy , probably just a good clean up, most important area is the underside. usually neglected and packed with rotting grass. hope you can scrape it down and remove all the dried grass build up, after that, I would penetrating oil spray it down and leave it upside down over winter to soak on the oil and kill off the grunge. if the deck is solid with no rot, consider yourself lucky, but your baseline, initial look see is vital to stop and preserve what you have . there will be more tips , good luck , pete
  5. peter lena

    Scored this 310-8

    not bad for the price of free? did you buy a couple of lotto tickets? I just love the opportunity to recover a horse like that, do me a favor , before you do anything else , take an oil sprayed cloth , and rub that down on all finishes, send me a picture , what does that look like? having done that on typically neglected horses, that will make you realize what you have. mega millions , Pete
  6. peter lena

    Opinions On These Wheels

    the ASPECT RATIO has a huge effect on the sidewall height , look ,and wear ,and handling on the truck. if you want to stay period correct , you stay close to original . something that is a glairing fact to me ,is that the new big wheels and very short and stiff sidewalls , have horrible mileage life, and they are very pricy. you could go to a 17" wheel set up and have a good combination of looks / wear/ and much better costs. once you go above 18" wheels ,the novelty of regular tire replacement goes away quickly. you can go online and find your truck, and swap tire/wheel combinations to see what you can do . just pricing 20+ " tire / wheel combinations is nuts. this is just my own opinion and experience, hope you find your answer , pete
  7. peter lena

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    never liked the 6" wheel , always thought it made the tractor look cheaper, always changed over to the 8" wheel , retaining the old school look. pete
  8. it shows, the baseline home foundation of responsibility and example sets you for life. Both of my kids worked steadily while going to school and payed their way , learning all the details. when there was a problem ,or issue ,we were there to cover by example, always steering them back to responsibility. both have family's of their own , it all pays off when you see them face and handle any situation , like a duck to water , good support , pete
  9. peter lena

    Model year on C-125?

    lots of good back and forth on this issue, and related ideas, that's how its supposed to be , like having a sit down , talk , Pete
  10. peter lena

    Five sector snow plow

    yes ,I like that cable pull, much better at working with the angles at the lever, quadrant area. this is the kind of great ideas that will let you improve your horse, if you want to , pete
  11. excellent upgrade john ! great to see ideas and improvements in action, another thing about your set up is that it " loads entire tractor " for weight and traction , I can only imagine that the tractive grip and solid heavy feel , would make playing in the snow ,even more fun. I will have to look into that actuator , thanks again for sharing , pete
  12. I call retirement plowing, initially getting after it while coming down or shortly after , usually thinking about the most gain as to where I put it. if its very cold you might only get one shot at it, then its cement, road edging is steadily taking small shots at it . my best gains are mid day ,with sun , the slight warming allows me to really push it so its no further problem. just regularly pushing it back works for me , mid day sun makes it easier ,even thou now its much heavier, only to refreeze at night. once I get to driveway topping , the sun lets me slush scrape it down. we all deal with it as time / issues and weather allows . the most constant thing is that I love plowing , might even go up the road to help a neighbor , just so I can , play in the snow. pete
  13. peter lena

    Model year on C-125?

    JIM ,10-30 used to be the winter alternate to straight 30 for the rest of year, you might look up your model against the oil scale. the magnum version with electronic ignition , recommends 5-30 for winter and straight 30 for the rest of year. I think for the 2 + quarts involved ,it would be worth your own oil change to verify what you have. that rear end oil is probably worth changing also , to verify what you have ,baseline service , probably change out the shift boot also , they crack and leak in moisture , about $ 9 on eBay.
  14. peter lena

    Underside of mower deck?

    hello jebbear reading your question , I just thought I would add my posting to that, my own opinion is to , NOT SEAL off the underside and paint it with sealant, but let it breath and dry out , then LUBRICATE it to feed the metal and kill of the grunge . you can obviously do what ever you want , the insert covers what I regularly do. my decks are soaking in oil now over the winter, pete
  15. peter lena

    Model year on C-125?

    hello Jim, that deck drop is a piece of cake, first off, release the belt tension at the front pulley mount , screw it in to back off belt tension, that will allow you to remove drive belt to mower deck. dropping the mule drive is easy, right hand side release. deck comes off and installs on PTO SIDE , I usually lower my rear deck wheels to lowest setting , then I pick up the deck with lift handle to secure stop. then I unhook the tech a matic center lift on left side of tractor , just under engine fan, now you can manually let the deck down . pull deck off lift arm pin , and raise lift handle , now you can slide the deck out. as RJG854 SAID once you do this a couple of times its easy. the blade install is very simple once you install the rear axel carrier , just a matter of lifting the rear mount point cross bar with a shovel on ground to the lift arm yokes and pinning in place . more details on this site , good luck , pete