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  1. peter lena

    Deck wheels

    https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/martin-wheel-6x1-3-8-plastic-deck-wheel-1-2-in-bushing-1-3-8-in-offset-hub-1128205?cm_mmc=feed-_-GoogleShopping-_-Product-_-1128205&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInvm276Pk3gIVX_7jBx2W1A1bEAQYASABEgK22fD_BwE, these martin wheels at t/s are 7$ each, steel bearing insert, great price , very rugged , have them on all my decks, pete
  2. peter lena

    Today's scrapyard find

    I think that qualifies as a , YOU DONE GOOD , pete
  3. peter lena

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    looks like venison steaks with the turkey this year, pete
  4. peter lena

    Tractor Lift

    that is a great piece, if I had a shop like that ,it would be tuff going back in the house, good set up , pete
  5. peter lena

    Steering wheel removal

    key to removal is to solidly back up other side of steering wheel hub , to a wall or beam , a piece of 4x4 on side of wheel will stop your impact on that spring pin. without that support , you are just bouncing your impact. you can probably use help with this, but having done it , many times, when its solid that pin drives right out. this might not apply to closed gear box steering system. pete
  6. peter lena

    Poor old C-175...

    just picked up a high back seat from BRIANS FARM & FLEET , multi mounting holes , and a perfect wheel horse bolt pattern ! blain # 334639, mfg. item # 11500bk01un , description , deluxe high-back seat , upc 744587351352 , info on my receipt. this is the second seat I have of this type, very well made , supportive and it just works well, just thought you might want to replace the one you have, Pete
  7. peter lena

    Plow frame pivot lubrication?

    lubriplate , chain and cable spray, keeps metal alive
  8. you said not a total tear down, but pretty damn close ! its a good thing to refresh and refit your horse, just going back to ground zero lets you improve anything you want. I have a black hood myself , bought it new in 82 , and I can relate to its terrific service. good luck on your project , thank you for the pictures, pete
  9. peter lena

    Synthetic oil?

    oiluj52, rebuilt a lot of gear drives and pumps, changed over to royal purple oils, the bearing failures , stopped. first thing was the temperature unit drop, then the electrical power draw was lower, the system was happy. I was too, the oil change ,all but stopped late night call ins for pump failures. that's only me, pete
  10. peter lena

    Which belt for blower? 2 listed?

    agree with g west, that 5/8 x 69 will do it, available at your local T/S in Kevlar. just put on my 36-42 blower , easier mounting , if you put 2 short pieces of 4x4 under the blower, and hook it up to front frame mount, first. then its easy to hook up lift rod, doing some tweaking on my lift spring for easier lift. lubricate anything that has a friction point, especially auger chain to gear drive, and chute turn rod. also, when you replace that belt , lubricate the pulley tension frame at mounting points. if you lubricate this unit , it really spins up easily and the belt tension will be easily maintained . easy maintenance, pete
  11. peter lena

    Wheel horse 42" snow thrower

    https://www.webstaurantstore.com/ts-014200-45-easy-install-stainless-steel-swivel-to-rigid-lock-washer/51001420045.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrtuh_tre3gIVDa_ICh2T4wbgEAQYBSABEgLqt_D_BwE star washers, are here, they have outside edge bite edges, to really set themselves into metal. looking at the thrower , chain auger drive is on right side, on outside of that , there is a horizontal slot with a bolt/nut to adjust the chain. its probably sloppy , snug it up , lubricate it. washers @ hardware store , pete
  12. peter lena

    Removing the Mule Drive

    great response on your problem, bending that adjustment rod back, take advantage of location. unscrew adjustment knob , put a thin pry bar between bent bar and front axel , mechanical advantage makes it easy. also put a couple of spring clips in the lift levers on the rear axel hook up, prevent plow drop. response on this, was terrific , pictures/ how to, glad to be here , pete
  13. peter lena

    Wheel horse 42" snow thrower

    don't forget to use STAR WASHERS on the chain adjustment slot on side of thrower, they will not slide or loosen up. also try and use chain and cable spray , regularly on that gear and chain setup, its made for that . pete
  14. peter lena

    Recycler deck maintenance

    good going on that squonk, just the fact that you ,open it up and clean out the grunge is the deck saver. I do mine with chain lubricant to feed the metal ,and dry it out ,angled to the sun for a hot drying soak on the oil. while I don't have a recycler deck,I regularly drop and service mine. my decks are upside down now , cleaned, and soaking in the chain and cable spray, over winter. they retain the dark oil stain look , that helps fend off the acidic grass grunge. you are keeping your stuff alive, keep it going , Pete
  15. I agree with the idiots on the road, I put a couple of LED BATTERY /BIKE LIGHTS on my horse ,helped with being seen. they have about 5 different phases, I like the constant back and forth light flash, I am currently working on a rear view mirror. stay safe out there, pete