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  1. peter lena

    Air Compressor

    I agree with 953,those old Wayne compressors were bombproof, a good thorough lubrication refresh, will keep it happy, and give you a good base line on service, Pete
  2. hello stormin, thank you for taking us along on your refresh, in addition to the engine work , first thing I spotted was the opportunity to add a 2 bolt 3/4" flange bearing under your upper dashboard horizontal frame steering column hole area. when its down to that stage its easy to do. I install the bearing on the bottom of shelf because of clearance issues, your dash appears to have more space on top of shelf. found this to totally remove column play, I also shim up inside of steering wheel either side of roll pin with 5 thou shim stock. I sandpaper wheel bore for roll pin and use , never seize as lube. Good luck with the rest of your work, pete
  3. peter lena

    C160 just went dead... quick thoughts?

    I have had fuses cause the same issue, after checking everything else , it was slight corrosion on fuse panel. replaced all fuses, lightly scuffed contact surfaces and used DIELECTRIC GREASE ON FUSE TABS , instant start no more issues. pete
  4. used a 48" I picked up, worked well, the major issue is having the extra power and traction to push that , when loaded up. it also depends on what you are trying to move, wet heavy snow , will quickly over power , traction and hp. my 42 " is just right. pete
  5. peter lena

    Front blade mounting on Commando 8

    very good basic blade and mounting set up, I use spring clips in the two small holes on the rear axel lever arms, you don't want the rear part of the frame suddenly coming out of the lever arms. I also bolt on center lift point , with bolt /washers ,and elastic lock nut, again preventing a noisy/ sloppy fit and ensuring it all stays in place. Lubricate lower blade swing arm triangle to frame, also lubricate the steering quadrant and angle pin slide. the lubrication detail will make for effortless blade swing , the bolt on linkage will make things work like they are supposed to . the detailing is my own experience, you do not have to do this, hope it works out for you , pete
  6. peter lena

    42” deck

    what does the bottom side look like?
  7. peter lena

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    thank you for taking us along with your picture show, I like the predator engine setup, I don't like the electric pto,that hard squealing start made me look for a softer start, hunting around I found this ,http://www.gdimeters.com/article.cfm?ArticleNumber=7 , maybe its a possible cure for the issue? I think your approach on each step is the way to go , you are really helping future engine swappers, me included. good luck with your future modifications to this process, pete
  8. peter lena

    Plow On

    timh , funny you should ask, I just got back in , setting up the 312-8 , weights , chains , basic check over , ready to go. I think its early , but this will be my plow blade, my other 312-8 will be the snow blower, similar weights, chains. I think with the global warming , we are going to be on the wet /heavy snow side. either way , hi and dry or wet and heavy , the horse power will get it done, pete
  9. peter lena

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    those 8.50 tires work good for me, being narrower they tend to get thru snow easier , and work very well with chains. the wider tires would be more likely give you a traction issue, because they are a softer foot print. recently picked up tires at wal mart as well at t/s good pricing and free to store shipping at both. I also used these stores , because the tires were not " crushed flat " in transport. that's important , trying to inflate a pancaked tire is not a good time. I also use , FLUID FILM as a tire lubricant , because of its rust stopping abilities inside the rim. good luck with your choice, pete
  10. this auger fits 36/42 single stage snow throwers model 96-42 ST01 - 08729. auger is in very good shape, with zero , dings or dents, or damage to center joint area, like new gear , for chain drive . looks like very little wear on this , if you are going to rebuild a Toro or wheel horse thrower, this is what you want. its just been sitting in a corner.
  11. this is what I do , on a regular basis , if you want your deck to last , you must break the stagnant moisture cycle, I also leave it upside down over winter , with another oil soak , this is only me , but it works , pete
  12. this is the picture you want, pete
  13. top pulley has belt going INTO grove, the second pulley should have the BACK SIDE OF BELT on the flat center edge of that pulley. that will allow the lower spring to tension belt once its on pto engine pulley, lots of pictures here on blower mounting. all of those pulleys should line up, yours are off center, cannot work. pete
  14. peter lena

    42" Snowblower Bearing??

    referring to the drive chain adjustment slide, I used these ,https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/87920567, brand is not important, type/style is, with a fresh bolt and an elastic lock nut , your chain adjustment will stay and not creep. also use a chain and cable spray on that chain /gear , before and after use. lubrication on neglected blower contact points ,really wakes it up, and it runs so much smoother /easier. other questions? just ask , pete
  15. peter lena

    42" Snowblower Bearing??

    I replaced bearings on that shaft also in my 36/42 single stage blower, took bearings over to a local bearing distributor , and matched them up , for a much cheaper price . that is a light mount flange bearing , should be easy to find. sorry I don't have the details , but it was a simple find. also added a finned lock washer on the chain adjustment slide , stopped chain creep. I am searching , now pete