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  1. oldwhman

    Slipping Belt Issue--Any Experts?

    If those pulley's are polished as you said, i doubt any belt will hold. Try replacing the pulley as well as the belt. If all else fails change it over to sprockets and chain. Good luck
  2. oldwhman

    Workhorse 700 help needed

    Assuming the belt and pulleys are the correct size..........there should be a wire pin bolted to the side of th engine block near the drive pulley. With the deck belt engaged the pin should just miss rubbing the flat side of the belt. When you disengage the belt the pin rubs the backside of the belt and creates a friction stop for the belt. You can test this with a broom handle. Just push it slightly against the flat side of the belt with the clucth disengaged, and engine running, the belt should stop
  3. oldwhman

    Idler Bearing 1054

    Need bore size on WheelHorse bearing #4567, or cross reference# to other suppliers
  4. oldwhman

    Jim M's 308-8 & 1986 300 series

    Silver decals on my 85 310-8
  5. oldwhman

    Jim M's 308-8 & 1986 300 series

    I have a 310-8 that had the red grill and rear hoodstand. it's an 86 model. i painted the grill and hoodstand gloss semi gloss black like most other 300 series, but i kept the silver decals.......a litttle different but nice. Its a Wheelhorse of course :banana:
  6. oldwhman

    Christmas Parade

    Great picture............I seem to remember that Wheel Horse, from days of yore. Glad you got PhotoBucket to work. :banana:
  7. oldwhman

    swapping trannies,

    Just remember that the 953, 1054, and 1054A models have a different transmission bolt up pattern. The top holes are closer together than the botttom ones. They can be adapted but be careful :hide:
  8. oldwhman

    Wiring Diagram

    Thanks Terry........I needed that wiring diagram for my 86 417-8. Someone had altered it before i got it and i need to get the gauges working again. Info from Toro on these models is non existent. :banghead:
  9. oldwhman

    Older Restoration

    Hey! That is me and my 1054. what a great pic. Thanks for sharing it. :banghead:
  10. oldwhman

    Older Restoration

    Under edit: I edit your post so the image appears.
  11. oldwhman

    1054A Questions

    The lobe on the camshaft that operates the fuel pump may be worn enough to keep the pump from working. Try blowing air through the gas line, disconnect the line from the front of the fuel filter and from the entry side of the pump. Blow air through the line to be sure it is open. Do the same with the line from the carb. to the pump. Reassemble all lines except at the carb. Crank engine to get fuel flowing If no flow and lines are clear cam lobe may be worn. I'm assuming you can get fuel from the outlet side of the filter
  12. oldwhman

    1054A Questions

    I'm a retired Ohioan. I currently reside in North Carolina. I have messed around with W.H. Tractors since 1969. The last tractor i restored was a 1054, so i know that model pretty well. I occasionally see those pumps on E-Bay and don't know of rebuild kits. Vacuum pumps are used a lot on later models. I have seen the fuel pump opening blocked off with a plate that has a vacuum connection for hose to the newer pumps
  13. oldwhman

    1054A Questions

    Ans 1...I got mine at Ace hardware. you cannot reuse the existing gasket unless you let it relax for a week or so, then it can be reused if it is not broken. Ans 2.. This is normal, the engine will not start until the ignition is turned on Ans 3.. Break the fuel line where it enters the carb. Crank engine with ignition off....gas should spurt from fuel line if pump is good. Most 1054's have a primer lever on the fuel pump which can be used to test without cranking engine. Ans 4...Probably..............but might be more trouble the its worth. Hope this helps
  14. oldwhman

    953 / 1054 / 1054A Trans Axle Parts

    Let me see if i have this straight. You have 2 1054's with transaxles that work perfectly. You also have 2 spare transaxles for these tractors. Hmmmm... what about those motors..............they will probably go bad before the transaxles. Unless you abuse them.........plowing snow will not affect the transaxles. The weakest link in the drive train is the belt, it should slip or stall the engine before breaking the transaxle. If you take as good a care of your autos as you do these tractors let me know when you want to sell one. Me.........i'd just rest easy and forget about any breakage......you've got enough insurance already. Hope this helps!!!!!!!