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  1. Dg1970

    Tractor won’t move

    Sorry guys it’s been a couple days but it looks like it was the high/low stuck in between just waiting on some new seals and gaskets . Should be good to go . Thanks again for your help 😊
  2. Dg1970

    Tractor won’t move

    Do they offer a gasket/seal kit for this trans ?
  3. Dg1970

    Tractor won’t move

    Thanks for the fast responses I’ll check when I get home tonight and let everyone know what I come up with
  4. Hello new member here . This fall I picked up a 1970 raider10 model 6051. Came with snow plow and mower deck . So we just had our first snow and gave the tractor a shot and it worked great until it stoped moving no matter what gear I was in . The transmission is the high/low 3 forward and reverse. I’ve gone through the forums and seen other people with the same problem. I checked all the keys(both wheel hubs and the pully) brake drum doesn’t have one . All were good. Pulled on the shifter that was solid . Checked the diff by spinning the wheels , all seemed good . I pulled the transmission and double checked everything . That’s when I noticed kinda like a dead spot in the diff kinda like the gears were slipping. I split the trans and pulled the diff but couldn’t find anything wrong. No stripped gears . Now I’m baffled. Please help this tractor is great. P.S. it’s a uni drive