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  1. tractoret

    spanish Wheel Horse at work

    This is my spanish 702 Wheel Horse at work. Attached Image
  2. tractoret

    1054 plowing duty

    Good job, and very nice tractor, Charlie :hide:
  3. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    The 702 in plow day. Attached Image
  4. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    And this picture with my daughter. Attached Image
  5. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    :scratchead: Attached Image
  6. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    :scratchead: And more pictures. Attached Image
  7. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    Sorry this pictures. Attached Image
  8. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    More pictures from spanish Wheel horse. :hide:
  9. tractoret

    Pictures from Spain

    This is my 702 wheel horse with the home-made trailer I'll post more pictures. Attached Image
  10. tractoret

    wheel horse parts

    :hide: to everyone for answer me. Sorry i d'ont speak very well Soon i will send you pictures with my wheel horse and i will tell you wat parts i need.
  11. tractoret

    wheel horse parts

    Hello i'm a wheel horse fanatic from Spain and i have a 702 wheel horse but my problem its for buy pieces of wheel horse .Can i help me please??? :scratchead: