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  1. Thank you all for your input. I will begin with the basics as suggested. I did move the PTO drive belt out to the outer pulley, which is slightly smaller and it appeared to cut better. Which pulley should the drive belt be on? The C-141, 312-8, and 417-8 all had the belts on the second or inner pulley. When I moved the belt to the outer or smaller pulley the belt appeared to ride just fine so aside from a bit more tension against the PTO shaft bearing I didn't see any negative effects. I also know that the effects can be cumulative over time increasing wear but to what extent....2%???
  2. I would like to check with you guys about the pros and cons of increasing the speed of the deck blades, possibly by increasing the diameter of the drive pulley on the PTO clutch. Anybody do this????? I'm not so worried about the spindle shafts on the deck as I grease the heck out of them on a regular basis. The Mule longevity however, without a grease fitting concerns me. Your thoughts????
  3. Anvil

    Snow Cabs

    To all, I am looking at purchasing a 1990's 269-H that has a snow cab on it. My only interest is in the snow cab and wanted to know if anyone has experience in putting that cab on a 400 series machine. I have a 417-8 and was very cold and wet this past winter. The cab is in great shape. I would imagine some modifications would have to be done to the attaching hardware. Any suggestions???? Anvil