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  1. Thanks Forest Road. I'm attempting to work out the logistics now. I'm guessing with the deck it probably weighs about 750-800 lbs. I wish I had my pickup back. Only have a jeep now.
  2. I don't mind the ride as long as the machine is salvageable. I have a K341 in great shape that I thought would go well in the 520 shell. I really don't need another machine as I have a 312-8 and a 417-8, both work well. Always wanted a 520. Too bad the Onan is the only factory option. I know of aftermarkets and they are not out of the realm of possibilities. My quest is to find the best tractor, even if the engine is shot. $500One that I am looking at is a 1996-97 520 with problems running rough. I figured for $500 and another $100 for the long ride and fuel it might not be so bad. For me its a 1 day turn, which I have no problem with. Wouldn't you think a machine in good condition with a bad engine be worth $600? It has a 60" deck on one and the other a 48". Your thoughts?
  3. Thank you eric j. The machine is 4.5 hours drive from me so I'm working on gathering enough info to determine if I should even bother. Providing the rest of the machine is in OK condition, I have in stock a great running K341 kohler with everything I need to swap it over. I hate to bastardize stuff but I was keeping this old K in the event my 417-8 conked out. So far the 417 is running strong. I always like a plan "B".
  4. The seller tells me he has no idea how many hours are on it. He said the tires are original and in great shape, the paint is fine with the exception of the seat pan that was painted just in front of the seat, which is why the sticker is gone/coated. The seller also told me he has only had the machine since late spring.
  5. Thank you gentlemen. I'm trying to get the #'s off the engine as well but the machine is 4.5 hours from me in NJ so I'm subject to the sellers assistance. I also thought it a bit odd not to have an hour meter. I'm told by the current owner the engine began to run rough intermittently about a week before he parked it. He said it seemed to work itself back to health after it got fully warmed up. He also said he didn't hear any noise coming from the engine like tappet or knocking sounds. Wouldn't it be cool if it was a bad plug wire???? Those Onans scare me. My 417 has a nice Kohler twin that runs like a top and doesn't use any oil at 980 hours. I'm hoping if I get the opportunity to purchase it I might part out the deck, which is a 60" "commercial" so I'm told. I read on the forum that the 60" deck used a different Mule Drive. Maybe that's why it didn't have a metal shield as my 48" setup has and all the 300 series I've ever owned. Any other thoughts on the year would be much appreciated. Anvil
  6. Gentlemen, You have been very helpful in the past for answering my questions. I am looking at a used 520H that the serial # info was sanded off to paint the pan. This machine has a PTO to Mule Drive plastic cover, no hour meter, foot pads that are not the fine ribbed type but have the wide grooves with buttons holding them down. The lower control knobs are not round but bulb shaped black plastic. The 3 gauges say Toro on them. The top right gauge is a blank black plastic filler. The steering wheel is a three spoke, heavy on the bottom and the wheel is "fat". The mule drive does not have the heavy curved metal shield over the pulleys-possibly a casualty of replacement at one time. The hood is louvered like my 417.
  7. Thank you for the heads up on that. I haven't purchased the blown up 520 yet so right now I'm in limbo. The K341 I have is strong and has the tall oil pan, which I read would be the best pan to have for this conversion. I have a 417-8 also in good running order. The K341 was destined to that if the twin blows up.
  8. Thank you very much for your response. The current owner told me the previous owner repainted it. Makes sense now.
  9. I'm sure this topic has been covered but a quick question-is there any sheet metal alteration required when an Onan 20 twin is to install a kohler K341 with a deep pan? I'm considering purchasing a 520 with blown motor and have a spare 1975 Kohler 16 hp with deep pan laying around. Any suggestions as the Onan is broken big time?
  10. Does anyone know of a series of 520's that might have had an american flag on each of the side strips on the hood? Owner doesn't know the year and says the sticker is missing with the model/sn. Anvil
  11. Thank you all for your input. I will begin with the basics as suggested. I did move the PTO drive belt out to the outer pulley, which is slightly smaller and it appeared to cut better. Which pulley should the drive belt be on? The C-141, 312-8, and 417-8 all had the belts on the second or inner pulley. When I moved the belt to the outer or smaller pulley the belt appeared to ride just fine so aside from a bit more tension against the PTO shaft bearing I didn't see any negative effects. I also know that the effects can be cumulative over time increasing wear but to what extent....2%???
  12. I would like to check with you guys about the pros and cons of increasing the speed of the deck blades, possibly by increasing the diameter of the drive pulley on the PTO clutch. Anybody do this????? I'm not so worried about the spindle shafts on the deck as I grease the heck out of them on a regular basis. The Mule longevity however, without a grease fitting concerns me. Your thoughts????
  13. Anvil

    Snow Cabs

    To all, I am looking at purchasing a 1990's 269-H that has a snow cab on it. My only interest is in the snow cab and wanted to know if anyone has experience in putting that cab on a 400 series machine. I have a 417-8 and was very cold and wet this past winter. The cab is in great shape. I would imagine some modifications would have to be done to the attaching hardware. Any suggestions???? Anvil