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  1. Danm1441

    Plowing Questions

    I'm certainly picking up some interesting ideas from folks here. And Eric, I can tell you one thing from my experience so far and that is that using the plow is ever so much faster than the walk behind snow blower, cleans the surface down to the asphalt much better and is just a whole lot more fun. I'm not telling my wife the last one though or she will think that my tractor purchase was for a "toy".
  2. Danm1441

    Plowing Questions

    This is my first year with a Wheel Horse 312 8. I am using the machine to plow my driveway, but am mainly winging it as I have always used only a walk behind snow blower before. So I have a couple of questions that would help me do this the right way. When I am plowing, I use only reverse and high range 1st gear. I also run the throttle all the way up. I have noticed that at some points if I am turning, the tractor will try to go straight ahead even though the front wheels are turned. I can correct this by stopping then turning the wheels, but wonder if this is the correct way to handle this or if there is some other method that would do away with this tendency. Running the machine at full throttle in first gear or reverse makes me think the machine is moving faster than it needs to. My question in this regard is should the throttle be set at less than full , should I be using a lower gear, or am I just "gun shy" being a complete novice? On the plus side, I sure wish I had discovered these machines earlier in my life. I still don't like snow, but clearing it with the Wheel Horse certainly is a lot more fun than any other method I've done. Thanks for any help.