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  1. shobbz

    Wheel Horse 244-5 Onan E140V Question

    Ahhh the good news just keeps on coming. I had a look at the engine manual and it appears that the crank seal is replaced internally. I won't have much time over the weekend to have more of a look over. If I can confirm with testing that the charging system is working at least that will be a start. The trans was only jumping in first ony but i have a gentle slope in my yard and was hoping to do a lot of mowing in first:(. The PTO does look stuffed, the bearings are okay but It may be a forgone conclusion:(. Thanks for the link to extreme clutches but at ~ 200 landed in oz its a big risk atm. If i can get everything running smoothly simply and cheaply i will consider a the cost. A remote possibility is re-engine the mower with the 14hp Briggs from the 14-38 but this is likely complicated and PTO sizes are probably an issue. At the moment Its a but of fun to work on but i may have bought a lemon:( I should have just waited for a manual trans for the 14-38.:) cheers, shobbz.
  2. shobbz

    Wheel Horse 244-5 Onan E140V Question

    Engine is running again. Its is not a nice steady idle as there is the occacional missing/backfire. I adjusted the valve clearance but I am not sure that I got Top dead centre right. Is it the same as on a Briggs? Rotate until both intake and exhaust are not moving and piston in at its highest extension as measured by the screw drive in the spark plug hole being careful not to score the sides of the head)? I am still yet to test the charging system as the wiring is a mess. I took a picture of the clutch. I am guessing that the bolts are in place of rivets that were there originally? Does any one know why the bolts would extend into the lower bearing housing of the clutch? I also have a decent oil leak from the bottom crankshaft seal... Does this need to be replaced from the inside? From the look of the engine tear down it does look like it does? Again thank you for following the post:)
  3. shobbz

    Wheel Horse 244-5 Onan E140V Question

    Well..... After looking at the parts breakdown and not being able to work out it could that much play I realised how little I know. Then I saw your response and realised that the drive pulley is a sleeve over the crank. The tractor world is a new one. Looking at the drive pulley i can see the centre hole is a little out of round at the bolt end so maybe there is some play there. There is the smallest amount (fractional at best) of play in the lower shaft and I might have to get adventurous and take the lower section of the engine off and find a lower bearing. That is for later. I will need to get the engine going again and see if the vibration was the clutch. and then work out if the clutch is repairable... I have seen new clutches for ~200 Landed in Aus, its a bit of a risk:). I am not sure if clutch issues go here or in transmissions? I haven't even started on the wiring. No safety switches to speak of and I need to determine if the charging circuit is running, which may explain why the clutch looks to have been locked on. I will talk about the transmission jumping out of gear later....:) Thanks for the offer of parts. Maybe Santa can load up and drop them off when he passes my way. People are asking crazy money for mowers here, 600-800 USD equil for barely running 14-38's and the like here. Long posts but hopefully makes for light reading:) Thanks again.
  4. shobbz

    Wheel Horse 244-5 Onan E140V Question

    Thanks for the Welcome roadapples:)
  5. shobbz

    Wheel Horse 244-5 Onan E140V Question

    Hi WHX12, Thanks for the welcome and the comment:) I agree the 14-38 has been good but my block has a slight incline so the hydro has worked hard dragging me up the hill:) Yeah this poor old mower is a bit of a basket case. There would be almost more than half an inch of vertical play in the shaft..... this feels ominous? I may yet have to consider a re-engined monster, although I did like the idea of keeping the Onan, something a little different. I will have to post a pic of the clutch... the coil appears okay but the damage may already be done.
  6. Hi a new member from Australia here. I have owned... dare i say it a 14-38HXL for years... the hydro has just about quit so after much searching i went finally found a 244-5!!!!! I love this thing but its had a hard life, its built to last and I can tinker with it. It has a 42" deck that needs some work but that will come with time. Finally got the engine going but I have some questions re trans/Clutch and Engine:). This may seem like a stupid question but should I be able to move the crankshaft vertically? The engine runs but vibrates a lot? There is some horisontal movement in the shaft as well but I figure that may just be a lower bearing as I think that a previous owner bolted the electric clutch together and was starting the mower with the blade clutch engaged. I welcome any thoughts:) Cheers, Shobbz.