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  1. Made some good progress today. I will update some more tomorrow.
  2. Here's the plan. A 400hr K-341.
  3. I picked up a Raider 10 this past spring, a CL find that was 20mln from home and in surprisingly good condition. Seems to be original, even the tires are WH and are not dry cracked. And then there's the Teeky. Yup banging, popping, ticking smoken teelky. It did help to get the price down though. I had a plan.
  4. Herder

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    Hello my name is Adam and I have a Wheel Horse problem! Regal Red is my personal fix. Just finished up painting a K series for my next project, what a rush.
  5. Herder

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    Dont forget 78 and up make for good parts tractors.
  6. Herder

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    Please remove the obsession to buy every single WH.
  7. Herder

    Barn find 1047

    I have a Charger that's spent it's hole life stored inside and the dash plate not nearly as nice.
  8. Herder

    C 120 with side car??

    Let me get a hot tube.
  9. Keep the pets and small children a way from it. I love the way they work, I've used mine for years. They really throw snow. I run mine on a c160 with a hydraulic lift, it makes better height control. Best of luck.
  10. Herder

    Wheel Horse Collection

    Thank god! I was getting worried that i may be only one who has been so greatly afflicted by WH hoarding. I ran out of room for storage along time ago. Will the yardsale be rain or shine? We are supposed to get some significant rainfall this weekend.
  11. Well your right seating the bead can be a pian. The smaller the tire and the more plies they are the more difficult they can be. Using tubes means a having to remove them in order to patch a hole. It is more work. Tire pugs make flat repairs quicker and easier.
  12. Herder

    Raider parts

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. My son is 25 and it work's like this. Hey grab that engine and put it on the work bench for me. Getting old has it's advantages.