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  1. I tried to message back yesterday and was not convinced it went through. I was not able to attach pics with the message either. The snow thrower is 30/30" weighs about 75lbs. what ever you decide is fine by me I am workable.
  2. Herder

    PTO step up

    You need to start with the drive pulley. What one do you want to use? It may determine what clutch disk you have to install. Unfortunately they are not all the same. The sleeve that go's over the output shaft may differ as well and may not interchange with the hud. Need pics.
  3. Pretty neat for a parts tractor. Out for the four that i have or had its the one with tecy.
  4. I don't mess with the tecumseh, i replace them with kohlers.
  5. Herder


    Late 80s 414-8. Had engine running, ran very well, did not smoke. PO rigged the ignition and installed a pushbutton switch. The tractor is in far condition. Parts or fix $400.00
  6. Herder

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    They do, but i am smiling because the storm will miss this area.
  7. Herder

    Economy Tractor 1612

    I have something similar that came with it, just not as nice. Thank you.
  8. Herder

    Wheel weights

    ? WOW! How about using them as a door stop. Don't stub your toe.
  9. See what you think. There are no tags on the engine. I was able to get it to fire but that was awhile ago. The PO told me it was a 16HP.
  10. Herder

    Snow Thrower

    Snow Thrower for small WH. Round Hood, RJ (?) Seized could be used for parts or fix.
  11. Herder

    Disc 4'

    Disc 4' Case (?) Good usable condition or restore. $100.00 OBO. Contact Adam
  12. Herder

    Economy Tractor 1612

    Thank you. I did get the blade with the tractor I removed it in order to make it fit on the trailer. I did try to run the serial number on the small plate below the dash. I did not come up with anyting. From what I can tell there should have been a larger plate on the dash itself. Unfortunately that plate is gone.
  13. Herder

    Economy Tractor 1612

    Part of today's haul. Not running as of yet. Been in storage for a long time. My first Economy Tractor.
  14. This was part of today's haul. I haven't found much info on it. What's your opinion? Thanks.
  15. I've already pulled the horse on the first trip. A 414-8 and some parts. This trip is will be to pickup an Economy Tractor and Toro Reel Mower.